Was the Grail Quest a journey to the Great Pyramid

Think about it... if the Arthurian legend is primordial, and it seems to be, why would it be about finding the Christian Grail. In fact... What IS the Christian grail! This video is set to be incredibly controvercial... suggesting that the Grail Quest was a hunt into the Great Pyramid:

Evidence: The Triple Deity = God was venerated at Giza. Giza would have been the most holy site in the world in ancient times. Lancelot goes into the Chapel Perilous, whatever that is, and finds what appears to be a mummy, a corpse covered in a silk sheet. Grail castles are best described as something like the great pyramid in its original form! Shining white and no entrances! How could the Great Pyramid NOT have entered Arthurian legend if they went on quests (tourism) all the time?! The center of attention was certainly not Jerusalem but Giza in primordial times! Look at the Sphinx!