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Ladies and Gentlemen... Changes are taking place in the way we view what I term, 'The Endless Human Past.'

Hi! My name is Charles Kos BS (Melb) BA (Hons), Phd. I am a part-time antiquary and this page is a hobby. My channel on youtube documents hundreds of discoveries I have made in the 'ancient-mysteries' and archaeology field. Check my main Youtube Channel, 'Charles Kos', for updates and information on latest discoveries, suggestions and ideas (I could be wrong on many ideas).

I have been called the 'Carl Sagan' of ancient mysteries (very proud!) but let's keep it humble!

Archaeological Discoveries

The Pyramid-Causeway Alignments

Causeway alignments at Giza!

Fig. The pyramid causeways seem aligned to sacred, current Coptic festivals! Incredible!

One of my pivotal archaeological discoveries was the causeway alignments, in 2020. The pyramids have causeways attached yet no book or article ever seeks to find out their solar alignment. They are aligned to different days which actually match the coptic calendar and even modern holidays!

One alignment at Giza even actually points towards Halloween! Many archaeologists unfortunately lack interest in astronomy, possibly due to the excesses of 'The Orion Mystery' (1994).

The causeway-alignment discovery was inspired by Norman Lockyer who cleverly titled his masterpiece, 'The Dawn of Astronomy,' in relation to the worship of the rising sun. It is the dawn that matters. How unfortunate and surprising then that the causeways were not it seems known of when Lockyer finished this book in 1901, and have been ignored ever since, astronomically. Since they are clearly processionals it would create an incredible effect for priests to venture along their length. I discovered a 'rapid technique' to ascertain any alignment using two pieces of apple software, without the need to pull out a calculator, or consult tables.

Causeway alignments at Giza!

Fig. In addition to finding the alignements of the Wall of the Crow, there are even more, nearby!

Causeway alignments at Giza!

Fig. There are more and more of these, these are on the southern part of the Giza Plateau.

The Secret Astronomy of the Roman Pyramid of Cestius

Following on from the causeways discovery, I applied this software to a pyramid in Ireland said to be a 'landowners follow'. (It actually points to the solstices and equinoxes!) I continued further by applying this software to the 'Roman Pyramid'! This is the pyramid of Cestius. I found it actually points towards the holy day for the goddess Fortuna. Thus this Roman pyramid, like the Buddhist Stupa and about the same time, may have been built for the fortune and wealth of an area.

This leads to a speculation of the relation of Roman Stoicism to Asian Buddhism, via Silk-road contacts and travel, and even migration. (I personally believe this pyramid to be thousands of years older than 'Roman' due to the fact that Etruscans constructed 'pyramids' and due to the fact it contains casing stones and 'star shafts' which I discovered on an old woodcut.

I have many many other discoveries which are more like 'speculations'. The above are definitive discoveries. I am aware however that much of what is actually published archaeologically falls under the category of 'group speculation'.

The Irish 'Viracocha'

I cannot fully claim this as a unique discovery as I have been preceeded in some aspects of this research by at least two earlier, very obscure antiquaries. I have however made other substantial further archaeological discoveries, to the extent of which, I believe that Macchu Picchu in Peru which is held to be 'Inca' is in fact, I am fairly certain, an Irish Monastery from the Dark Ages.

This can be demonstrated architecturally, as well as through links from similarities/identicalities in prehistoric Jewellery, dating back thousands of years from the Dublin Museum, as well as the Irish Ogham writing (surely related to the origin of musical notation), which appears to have been a string language, that Europe has been linked to America by trade and exploration for literally thousands of years.

The archaeological links show us that Proto-Vikings such as those living in Ireland are very possibly the 'Viracocha' of prehistory. This discovery falls under archaeology however due to the surviving, comparable building works on both continents.

Inca Trail

Fig. Here are some scary stone steps on the Inca trail, Peru.

Me on an Irish Trail

Fig. Here am I, Inca Trail? Nope, Glendalogue, Ireland. It is remarkable how the Inca built in the same way as the Ancient Irish!

Inca Jewellery

Fig. Here is some ancient Inca Jewellery.

Stone Age Irish Jewellery

Fig. Is this more Inca Jewellery? No, this is from Prehistoric Ireland! From the Dublin National Museum.

Inca Doorway

Fig. I am not done yet! Here is an Inca Doorway!

Irish Doorway

Fig. Surely this is another Inca door? Nope. It's me again and i've never been to Peru, so, once again this is in Ireland. It is probably several centuries more than one thousand years old, dating to Ireland's 'Golden Age'! Incredible! The similarities just keep going and going! This church is over a thousand years old and the gate faces the solstice.

There is so much more, doors, houses, architectural styles, even ships and sails. All will be in an upcoming work.

Historical Discoveries

Discovery of the Real-Life Robin Hood

I have made numerous historical discoveries but my best is probably my PhD work on locating the original Robin Hood, a Yorkshire knight disenchanted with political direction. With high patronage he was able to wage war upon those he saw as interlopers on English affairs, including upon his own property affairs. I made some key insights/discoveries in conjunction with my supervisor at the time.

Prehistoric (Map) Discoveries

The "Map that Keeps on Giving"

Matthew Paris' UK Map

Fig. The very odd map of UK by Matthew Paris. It seems to be possibly millennia older than the Middle Ages.

I have made numerous prehistoric discoveries in terms of Stonehenge and ancient UK. When I say discovery I do not mean speculation, I mean actual discovery. One of these great discoveries has been the presence of a known map, drawn by Matthew Paris in the 1220s or 1230s. I wrote about this chronicler for my PhD work. He drew a map which placed Avebury, Stonehenge and Sarum (Sarisbury) in the center of the land mass of UK south of Scotland. What is telling is he never mentions any of these places, let alone them being of significance. The only explanation is that this is a map which has survived for thousands of years, from one parchment (animal skin) to another, must be from the time of the Beaker People Period, a naval empire which stretched across the Atlantic coast of Europe. This of course implies that the monasteries suceeded Druid schools as schools of learning, as many suspect.

There are so many discoveries and inferences to be derived from this singular map... including ideas generated in the Iron Age regarding 'Atlantis', which may have once been mixed with stories about the Sea Peoples, by the Egyptians. It is known that ancient Greeks travelled to Britain. I believe this map also generated the Atlantis legend with Old Sarum as Atlantis, which is in the exact center of Matthew Paris' map. Ditches carved around a hill as in the Atlantis story, are seen at Old Sarum. Furthermore, the legend describes roads and 'bridges to the north', which are also clearly indicated in the map. The Atlantis legend also describes a rectangular plain. This is just what we see in the Matthew Paris Map of what is now called the U.K. Is this a coincidence?

The map shows a bisection of UK north to south along a strange road. This road bisects the land area east to west equally and it runs through Stonehenge. What could this mean? This road seems to be the same as the Duke Ley Line. In the 19th century, Edward Duke realised there is a north-south line running through Stonehenge and also Avebury to the north. I discovered this line before I realised it had been discovered by Duke himself in the 19th century. I simply saw that there were monuments to the north and south of both Stonehenge and Avebury. I then found what Matthew Paris meant by drawing it bisecting England in two. If we look at the real map of Britain, we can see the Duke Ley Line in fact bisects England in two longitudinally by area, but only up to Hadrians' wall. This is the reason for the separation of Scotland seen on the Matthew Paris Map. This means Hadrians' Wall is far, far older than the Romans, though not in terms of its Roman-built aspects.


Fig. This Avebury-complex, reconstructed here by my antiquary hero William Stukeley, is at the geographic center of Matthew Paris' map. This is clearly not a coincidence! One notices a Ley Road in terms of the fact that one encounters Silbury Hill, then the Avebury circle, proceeding south to north. It lies along an ancient road! So, what is this road?

Duke Line

Fig. This is the Duke Line, as mentioned above. A book called 'The Belinus Line', 2012, actually mentions this road, but the alignment that author suggests is different to what I suggest. I suggest this is the REAL Belinus Line (Belinus, a mythical British King who peformed Geomancy). This line must be the real line as it passes through the Avebury/(Avalon?) area shown on the Matthew Paris map! Note also how it subdivides the land area of Britain up to Hadrian's Wall, into almost two equal sizes! I was amazed when I saw this. This means that Hadrian's wall's border greatly preceeds the Romans! The southerly blue marker is Stonehenge. The northerly is Avebury!

The Map that generated Atlantis?

Fig. How the Atlantis legend seems to have been generated by this very map! The Atlantis legend speaks of 'roads and bridges to the north'. It speaks of 'ditches carved around a hill'. It speaks of a 'great rectangular plain with mountains to the north.'

There is no real Atlantis in the ancient world. Stories change like Chinese whispers. We are expected to believe that a rectangular plain (which resmbles the Matthew Paris map of Britain) once contained Elephants which it has not for a very long time, for instance. Greek travellers from Egypt or elsewhere (everything was in pre-Alexandrine libraries) may have reached the UK, then proceeded to British 'Druid' Universities (such as Usk which Monmouth and Tisilio MS describe as gold-rooved cities of 400 philosophers), which became the monasteries, such as at St Albans. They must have been shown this map, or they could not formulated the substance of the Atlantis legend which seems to proceed from it. This was added to a broader legend about the Atlantic Seaboard, which may have included North Africa, as far as the Canaries, hence talk of 'elephants'. The broader Atlantis legend seems to describe the Sea-Peoples invasion of the 1200s BC.

Other Historical/Prehistory Discoveries

The real historical discoveries I have made on my channel are real and substantial. No-one knows what Wales means. It is simply a name given by the Saxons to the "Wall country" as a wall in that area is deliniated as "Wallia" on the Matthew Paris Map, Offa's Dyke. We also saw that the last refuge of the Picts was actually between the Hadrian and Antoinine walls, as pointed out by Matthew Paris on this map, seen no-where else to my knowledge. They could thus send an army to defend either wall and circumstances required.

The Stonehenge Serpent

It cannot be considered an archaeological discovery, more a prehistory discovery, the Stonehenge Serpent. Due south of Stonehenge are lined up barrows in an array, the Normantown barrows. This array is linear and serpentine. There is even a serpent-like head at one end. This is simply incredible, and no-one has ever even noticed it! It reminds one of the Ohio Snake Mound! Simply incredible! I have discovered that this also constitutes a Solar System with planets depicted up to Pluto, and even the nearest star as the final large mound. This is simply incredible, but not beyond the research of a highly curious and precocious prehistoric people in a kind of eighteenth or nineteenth-century-like society, in possession of photographic technology.

Stonehenge Serpent

Fig. Here we see a potential planetary layout. Since it is known that pyramids (and also mounds) actually represent hemispheres of planets (namely the Earth), what is going on here could well be our Solar System, being depicted as a snake. Neither idea seems to have been prumulgated hitherto for these 'Normantown Barrows.' You can even see the snake head of the serpent interacting with another serpent in the picture, which is now a forested linear grove, presumably a raised snake mound! In another video I showed the Carnac in France is also composed of Snake mounds. We can even see the teeth of the snakes!

"It is especially the object of the Druids to inculate this-that souls do not perish, but after death pass into other bodies, and they consider that by this belief more than anything else men may be led to cast away fear of death, and to become courageous. They discuss many points concerning the heavenly bodies and their motion, the extent of the universe and the world, the nature of things, the influence and ability of the immortal gods; and they instruct the youth in these things." (Caesar, De Bello Gallico).

The Enveloping Snake-Jaws Model for Stonehenge

One extremely interesting discovery was to follow up upon the work of Michael Dames, 'The Averbury Cycle,' 1977. In this work, Dames shows that stone circles such as Avebury can be a serpent's jaw, for instance the circle is not actually complete. I added to this by suggesting such circles are also eclipses, diamond ring effects.

Famous physicist, Fred Hoyle, speculated, also in 1977, (In his 'On Stonehenge') that the eclipse must have been incredibly interesting to the Stonehengers, who must have seen it as a creation of the world. He was 100% correct in my view. This alchemically brought together the male and female principle, in a cosmic mating of erm, snake sex. It had been assumed since ancient times that snakes copulated by mouth, with the female eating the head of the male snake.

Let us now 'fast forward' several centuries to the building of Stonehenge. Suddenly it all makes sense. Two sets of jaws, they are rather obvious! This is a theory I annunciated on my channel. I believe diagrams show only one extant standing stone, (we do not know if it was original there) where I think there should be none. I believe the Sarsen Circle is not a circle, but another set of jaws, along with the Trilithons. The Bluestones are clearly the jagged snake teeth of one of the jaws! This makes tremendous sense and explains the layout of the 'remaining' stones also!

Snake Jaw

Fig. Dames made an incredible discovery here. Here we can note that the Avebury cirlce is NOT a complete circle. The henge is interrupted with a walkway as at Stonehenge, hence it's not supposed to be a circle. No stone circle is a circle. These instead seem to be ovoids and snake teeth! This is the reason for the 'sharp' bluestones at Stonehenge which are I believe the fangs of the male and female snakes! Stone Circles are in reality, SNAKE-JAW TEMPLES.

Fig. I decided to apply Dames' discovery to Stonehenge! What happened is that suddenly the layout makes sense! Without this insight it simply appears that half of the Sarsen Circle has completely vanished! Incedible! We can actually see two pairs of enveloping snake jaws representing an eclipse!

The Existence of a former, highly accurate world map, and how the absense of the 'other half' generated a map-making mistake which persisted until modern times!

Two halves

Fig. It is quite clear that two halves of a map are apparent when comparing what survives of the Piri Reis map, obviously formerly a world map, in conjunction with the Greek maps, being the earliest extant Mediterranean maps. Quite simply the Greek maps lack UK, the Western Half of Africa and Spain.

One explanation for why the Greek map is so 'truncated' is that the Greeks never left the Mediterranean. They did not after all control the tin trade with Britain, nor the metal trade with Spain. They seem to have been largely agriculturalists who settled in areas of excellent farming, though sometimes with a strong metal trade.

That explanation however is not sufficient when we consider that there was indeed old-world knowledge of the Earth in terms of evidence for former trans-Atlantic contact as well as that of geodetic knowledge preserved in the Great Pyramid and known through ancient tradition. It follows that the existing Piri Reis map, where we clearly see an accurate west part of Africa and West part of Spain is in fact the missing component from the precursor of the Greek maps. Indeed, if the Greeks simply never left the Mediterranean, why draw both Africa and Europe as 'truncated' on the ocean side, as well as omitting UK (another truncation?). The Greeks actually certainly knew about UK. They also had access to great libraries with additional Phoenecian information. I believe they simply saw a map like this and copied it. Now we can perhaps see why.

It can thus be seen that the Greek maps were actually generated by the lost torn-off part of the Piri Reis map. This includes the now-rounded Africa which would have contributed to Greek ideas of a round world-continent, surrounded by Ocean.

It simply appears that all the original Greek Classic maps were actually drawn from the original torn-off section of the Piri Reis map, removed from some lost library. The known parts were then copied independently of that original map, generating an error in the form of a truncated Spain and Africa which seems to have persisted in world maps until about the 1600s AD!

Did the other half stay in America?(!)

Medieval Sterioscopy

This is quite fascinating. Being a bit of an 'artist' I learned that one can make objects seem to recede into the distance or come out to the front with use of colour alone. No-one quite knows how it works, it's a mind trick! It is called Chromosteriopsis. It occured to me, 'ah', this is how medieval artists achieved '3d!'I am sure that others have noted this before but I can find no attribution, so i made a youtube video about it!

Basically, what happens is that something blue appears to be in the distance, and something red or yellow appears to be closer than it is! In a medieval picture often something 'doesn't look right' for instance making someone's cloak blue, even if they are in the foreground. Some medieval pictures appear to use this phenomenon, discovered by Goete, to great effect!

Slavs don't exist until 600AD!!? Why history is sometimes extremely wrong.

This is a topic I can go on and on about, literally endlessly. Look at a map of the world in Roman times and one sees Romans, Germans, Celts. The Slav areas contain lots of supposedly Germanic tribal names. The Slavs are supposedly no-where to be seen. The Slavs if they existed are supposedly only the 'Venedi' or the 'Intes', and these are in the East, well out of the way! (I think these are merely East Slavs).

The amount of anti-Slav propaganda in the Germanic world, where there was strong nationalistic rivalry at one time, extended to Ancient History. This was a type of fraud perpetrated in enlightenment times, an era of nationalism, usually Germanic nationalism. Germans had to be seen as 'pure' and only Germanic speaking. What to do about the 'Slav Border' or Limes Saxones, which existed from deep antiquity, near Berlin? The Border of the Slav and German worlds? Ignore it! Well... the whole area must have always been German, so these enlightenment scholars held. The Slavs must have been interlopers! They must have come from elsewhere, because if they had not... Germans themselves might be partly descended from them!

The consequence of this failed theory was to have the Slavs as a massive conquering tribe, arriving in the 6th century AD. Something about this scenario always appeared to me as extremely wrong! Firstly, who the hell was the conqueror? He would be a greater man than Alexander the Great, than Caesar and Tiberius, to defeat hordes and hordes of Germans! And where do they originate! Oh... nobody knows. They just 'appear'. Right! OK! Sounds credible!

Back to the real world, where the largest ethnic group in Europe DOES have presence in Classical antiquity! I decided that the above scenario is just totally crazy, wild and wrong, and driven by nationalist fervour. The Slavs did not erupt out of the ground like a Volcano and if they did, one can see why Hitler got wild ideas about 're-conquering' the east from the 'foreign interlopers'. Consulting the 'Deeds of the Princes of the Poles, a chronicle dating to about the 1200s AD, and written in Poland, we see an interesting statement. The author writes that what is unique among the Slavs, where he seems to describe the entire West Slavs as a former empire, is that they had 'NEVER BEEN CONQUERED BY ANYBODY' and had held their current territory, from the earliest of times! This does not 'gel' with the idea of Slavs having 'dematerialising out of the space time continuum'.

"Poland is the Northernmost part of Slavonia... So the Slavonian land is divided in the north into parts by or made up of these regions, and it runs from the Sarmatians, who are also known as Gets, to Denmark and Saxony, and from Thrace through Hungary, which in past times was occupied by the Huns (who are also called Hungarians), and passing down through Carinthia it ends at Bavaria. Toward the South, starting from Epirus on the Mediterranean Sea it includes Dalmatia, Croatia, and Istria, and ends on the shores of the Adriatic Sea, where Venice and Quileia stand, separating it from Italy. Although this land is thickly forested, yet it has ample resources of gold and silver, bread and meat, fish and honey; but in one respect it is especially to be preferred to all others, for in spite of being surrounded by all the many aforementioned peoples, Christian and pagan alike, and frequently attacked by all and sundry, it has never been completely subjudgated by anyone." (pp. 13-5, Trans, Ed, Knoll and Schaer.)
"Gesta Principum Polonorum" (The Deeds of the Princes of the Poles)

So... if the land was never subjugated by anyone, who lived there? Well, the Suevs! The Suevs are mentioned by Roman historians as the most aggresive of the Germans. The Suevs were nomads who had a kind of demoractic, even socialist government, where no-one was allowed to own any land. One might consider this state of affairs had arisen out of a kind of revolutionary situation. It seems all the Suevs, who are the bulk of the Germans who fought against Rome, ultimately conquering half of the West Roman Empire (Spain and Italy), were the 'warlike' Germans. They had a massive confederation which one can clearly compare to the later Slavs.

Slav is the East Slav or foreign way of saying 'SWOV,' which is how this word is pronounced in Polish. In other word, Slav is the same word as Suev! Swov means nothing in German. In Polski it means, 'Word'. Possibly a simple contraction for 'People of the Common Tongue.' Or CommonWealth. In other words, people of the Pact = Word.

Ok, Charles. You have made some assertions. Can you back them up? YES! The Suevs conquered proto-Portugal from the Romans. I analysed the Portugese accent and found it shockingly similar to Polish or Russian, in fact it is almost the same accent. This could not be the case if there were 'only Germans' on the map. It can be the case only if the bulk of the Suevs were in fact Slavs speaking Slav languages.

The Slavs now emerge in ancient history as leading the Marcomannic war against Rome, (Czecks = Chauki tribe), and later the conquerors of the West Roman Empire! Oops!

I am not the only one to notice all of this, but I seem to be the only one in the English language doing it. For others, see Polish or other Slav authors!

CONSEQUENCES: The Slavs didn't come from somewhere. The Germans came from Somewhere, they are Nordic peoples who mixed with Slavs and Celts to create modern Germany! I believe they are from Doggerland, and anceint 'UK', their homeland before Anatolians, (Welsh = Wall people) arrived. I believe they had their own pyramid culture (Silbury Hill) and they are the founders of Ancient Egypt, 1st Dynasty and 4th Dynasty) I back up my assertions with proof.

English and Frisi, early migrants to Ancient Egypt?

English and Frisi, the Founders of Ancient Egypt This article is going to stir a hornet's nest. Basically I have a severe problem I encounter whenever I open up the Wallace Budge Ancient-Egyptian dictionary! This problem is that... English words passing themselves off as Ancient Egyptian, jump out at me on various pages! If you think this cannot be the case... I see the same in Hittite. In case you are thinking that Middle English (Our English, and a different language to Old English) did not exist in ancient times... The Hitite word for water? 'Water!' The Hitite word for man? 'Humanu!' This means 'separate', something with an identity.

I will write quickly and summarise my findings, to be seen in many videos on my main youtube channel. In short, Egyptian gods can be explained by English words. Nut, the naked god which stretches across the sky = NUDE. PTAH(BUDDHA) = BODY. THOTH = TODT/DEAD/THOUGHT. He is both the god of knowledge and death. OSIRIS/ISIS means nothing in Egyptian. It is clearly the Germanic root from AISIR, a pantheon of divinities. There are even Egyptian Gods with the names 'SAD' and 'BAD'! That is how close the link is!

This goes all the way back to the placement of Silbury Hill at the center of UK (SEE ABOVE) just as the Giza pyramids were placed in the center of Egypt.

This takes us to the definition of PYRAMID. It seems to be BERG-MOT. Berg means mountain but contains the root BOR, which is NORTH. Thus a Berg is probably a prototypical Germanic World Mountain. A North Aligned Mountain. And here we have the meaning of pyramid. MOT can be water or mount in Old English. I spoke with an Indian anthropologist who finds this very appealing and he says in this word 'Pyramid' is neither Arabic nor Egyptian.

Heck even the Egyptian Word for Pyramid, MER, is NOT Egyptian (no related root) simply means MOR in European which means WALL or OPPRESSION or WEIGHT. MER is the Egyptian word for pyramid but there is no relevant MER- Root in Egyptian! 'MOR' is European. Look for example in any European dictionary and look up the MOR words. It means wall, weight, oppressive. MORE. Pyramid is MORE!!!!!! SOME/MORE/MOST. MOST is the superlative. MOST sounds like MOAT/MOUNT. Same root, origin. 😉 BERG-MOT = BOREALIS-MOT = NORTH ALIGNED MOT, BERG=MOT, PYRAMID in EgytoGreek scramble, but originally Germanic ENGLISH/FRISIAN/DOGGERLANDER! 😉 (ATLANTEAN)

I believe that after the establishment of their country in Egypt, other Germans, as well as Slavs, may have entered, bringing alchemical ideas which originate in Central Europe.


Do you want more? The Sphinx seems to be the great dog Fenrir. Boats found near the pyramids seem to be Germanic Naglfar. I've been putting the Germans down a little in the Slav entry. Now I am lifting them up! Giza is a vast Germanic End of the World complex! This goes on and on endlessly and will be the subject of a book!

According to ancient tradtition, astrologers informed Surid that the world was going to end. Thus he decided he was going to do something about it by building Giza. Now we can actaully see that it is Ragnaroc in Stone. In the nine Pyramids of Giza we have the Nine Germanic worlds! These all operate simultaneously to one another but in a 'different dimension'. Giza is thus the whole universe!
Sphinx Explained! The Sphinx is likely to be fenrir. He is closest to the sun. At Ragnarok, the Midgard serpent surrounding the continents starts to thrash about, causing Tsunamis. At the same time, Fenrir, probably using Naglfar to sail up to the Sun, reaches out and swallows it. So what was the point of representing Ragnarok. Did they want the world to end? Not particularly! The point seems to have been to make sure Ragnarok would go smoothly as it carried with it a promise that after the end of it all and the death of the Asgard, that a new world would emerge! Please see my video on this topic!

What PYRAMID Translates as:

(UPDATED, 4 June, 2021)

I have FULLY TRANSLATED the word PYRAMID and now we can understand its square base!

ABSTRACT: IT MEANS: "NORTH/(FACING?)MOUNTAIN OF THE MIDDLE/MOAT." I also translate the Egyptian version MER. So Strap up! The word PYRA-MID, has a root not in FIRE (similar root to the shining white of a mountain) but in the word BERG, or PYRA-NESS, mountains! "Our Mountains".

BERG-MOT. Now it gets interesting. A Germanic compound word, two words for mountain joined, the latter one can mean moat/motte or even middle. The key is that BERG is similar to BOR, BOREALE = NORTH in Latin.

In other words, a Berg is a North(Facing?) Or Mount, and I speculate Berg is the word in Germanic for World Mountain. The four-faced structure is known in Asian mythology, surviving as the "Guardians of the Four Hemispheres" seen in Buddhist temples. By facing each hemisphere, you protect the whole world.

Now Mer, the "Egyptian word" for pyramid. A quick scan of the Wallace Budge dictionary reveals no appropriate related roots in Egyptian. It's a loan word. Mythical Mt 'Mer'u in India is the World Mountain of the Whole world at its center. (It's also said to be 'somewhere up north') Mer MUST mean plateau because a word in European (Polish) for Wall is Mur.(Muri plural). A "plateau", where pyramids are often found often resembles sheer walls rising up at you. It's also a wall of blocks but I feel in this case MUR or MER refers to the structure of the mountain itself, a walled plateau. This was then applied to the pyramid, as an abstraction of World Mountain containing all the ratios of the Earth. Mt Meru = Mt Walls, Giza. This is one reason the Giza location was chosen, it's in the middle of Egypt, it's moated (Nile) and it's on a walled plateau (Mt Meru). QED, I'm very proud of this.

9, July, 21. Just realised some further details! 'Mot' which means either the mound or the moat of a motte, actually is a contraction of Mother. I realised this in examining the word Peri-Meter. This word is used to exactly measure the circumference of an oblong but it happens to be the same word as pyramid, which implies we inherited this word from pyramid builders who needed to exactly know the circumference of a building. Peri-Mod. It's now quite simple. It means "Mother Mountain!" Giza is the Mother Mountain of Egypt which is why it's in the center! We could even try Per-i-mod = 'Mountain and Mother'. In this case the Earth Mother is what is being referred to, since the Mer obviously respresents the Earth = Mother. From this we have 'matter'.

What PHARAOH Translates as

I have taken a great deal of time in coming up with what this word must mean! According to Egyptology it means Householder as a Per is a house or palace. It should be clear that Householder doesn't mean anything at all! Everyone is a householder, why should it be a title?

However this root is also used in the word 'Pyr'amid, where it clearly means mountain, which is what a pyramid represents. Thus Pharoh must mean Mountain Man. Man of the Mountain. Suddenly visions of Moses going up to the mountain occur! Was Moses the very first pharaoh?! The mountain religion of the Stone Age preceded the other religions of Egypt, as World Mountain is worldwide and deeply ancient. I have been fascinated with 'World Mountain' for a great deal of time as it explains very well what pyramids really are!

Now we come to the very similar words in English, Fairy, Pariah. Certainly a Fairy is a magical creature. It is also Fair, a judge. 'Pariah' is from Hindu and actually means 'Mountaneer' quite literally, which confirms my suspicions that the root of Pharaoh, like Pyramid, is really Burg, or World (North) Mountain, which must be what Burg was originally. It later came to be applied to all mountains. Pariah is also from Greek where it means 'Traveller, Soujourner'. I think this derives from the mountain root. It means 'over the mountains', in this instance. Other similar words, Baron and even Fuhrer!

To conclude, Pharaoh really means 'he of the mountain.' It means a Moses.

Scientific Discoveries and Theories

I have made a number of innovative and far-reaching geological, chemical and physics insights, documented on my channel, but more specifically on my The Blue Moon, youtube channel.

Shrinking Earth

For instance I couple the Expanding-Earth theory with what i call shrinking Earth. Any engineer can inform you that expansion without sufficient pressure may result in an implosion. Implosions and expansions must go hand in hand. I believe such an implosion can explain 'the flood' due to noxious gasses being liberated from underground waters once the pressure drops, and such an event may have been responsible for kililng off the megafauna tens of thousands of years ago. The babies of smaller creatures, being much smaller, seem to have relied upon diffusion. Thus catastrophes can change the size of species.

Future Experiments

I am seeking, when I find the time, to construct some very innovative and different experiments in my laboratory, replicas of the Earth inside fishbowls, atmospheric electrical networks to measure the solar effect on atmospheric electricity, etc. For all this I have taken great pains and labours to construct a workshop/laboratory which consisits of every tool imaginable and piece of equipment, with four large tables constructed by hand by 'your's truly!'

Terra Preta Soil Epigenetics

I have performed epigenetic work on 'Terra Preta,' Amazonian soil.

The Magnetic Comet Tail of Earth

One discovery, very significant indeed, is what I call the existence of a magnetic comet tail proceeding out of the Earth's 'geological folds' at night time. I believe that this is one component of the 'UFO phenomenon'. We are not dealing with aliens but something terrestrial which clearly interferes with sleep and can even chase and injur. The phenomeon is dynamo-generated electricity in the little understood ball lightning form.

I believe a plot of the 'UFO abductions', over time, (Vallee, 1988) which shows this to be a night time phenomenon shows this to be a comet tail proceeding out of the center of the Earth. In other words the radioactive center of the Earth has a magnetic dynamo about it which is generating an electrical phenomenon. This is especially prevalent in America. I hypothesise that the same force which generates unbelievable amounts of abduction stories in the United States also drives their hurricans and tornadoes, underground dynamoes. It's a conventional enough explanation for an incredible mystery. The Bermuda Triangle may be related to this.

Discovery of "Geological-Biopolymer Welding" of Inca Stone

I also believe that Inca Stones may have been stuccoed and 'welded' together, by means of a 'Lead Putty' technique. They seem to describe something similar in their chronicled references. Stonemasons who have commented on the video regarding this agree there is something to this!

I have always been most intrigued by the 'geopolymer' theory of Joe Davidovits. He is a fantastic chemist who has made some resounding contributions to chemistry as well as to archaeology. Davidovits thinks that geopolymer, which is basically a mortar that becomes rock, and containing rock dust, was made en masse and then pyramid stones were set in place. This might involve more work than simply chiselling and moving the stones, so the theory remains unpopular.

I have an alterantive. How about we simply anneal the sides as appears to have been done in the Inca world?

I note that a lot of 'red' material, specically and supposedly red ochre paint have been found on Egyptian stones. However there is a chance that some of this is actually something else, namely, Lead Ore. This red substance is I believe the red substance mentioned by Inca/Spanish chroniclers of the 1500s AD in relation to the stonework done at Cuzco and other places. They also mention glittery silver and yellow substances. How did the joints fit so tightly together? I believe a kind of 'plaster' was used. As shown in the below recipe, for stone glue, a kind of 'oil glue', one can introduce other stones into the mix. The mix 'sets as hard as stone'. That seems to be what we are looking for, so I postulate this biopolymer is 'the one'.

Drying Oil

Fig. In furtherance of my enquiries, in searching for stone-welding recipies, I located an old book from 1920 containing mortar recipies which set 'as hard as stone'. I found this much better recipe online. I believe this is part of how inca Stonework was done. I call my theory, BIOPOLYMER, as it involves a setting oil for plastination. I believe this plastinating look may contribute to what some call, 'Vitrification', a kind of glazed look.

UPDATE: In a recent video by Ancient Architects, (2021) exposing a Russian team saying that Sacsayhuaman is partly artificial limestone, one can see in their lab report that there are only trace quantities of lead. I am not quite sure where this leaves my theory but I believe that there is still room for it... somewhere!

Discovery of 'The Purpose of Evolution'

We should mention evolution. In the Bible it says 'ye will know them by their deeds'. In other words, words are not enough. To know something, we need to see what it is up to. Evolution is fully understood by no evolutionst. No evolutionist realises what is really happening. Evolution tends towards an upwards increase in biomass upon a planet. The geological record shows creatures getting bigger and bigger but they do not see a mechanism or purpose here.

I believe the purpose is to simply ensure DNA has a foothold on a planet, removing competing genetic codes. In other words, evolution upon Earth is technically, the 'growth of a weed'! Dawkins himself realised half of this when he wrote his book 'The Selfish Gene', in which he removed responsibility for evolutionary survival away from the species and towards the gene. The gene does not care which species it is contained within. It is happy to survive in any species.

Taking the argument a step further we see that it's not really the gene but the DNA that wants to survive on a planet. The gene is just the tool. The implication is the species we see on our planet have possibly evolved elsewhere.

The Cosmological Black-Hole explanation could be extremely suspect. Here is a simple alternative...

Speaking as a chemist, I sometimes find it strange that physicists are happy to 'invent' matter, in the far reaches of space, which simply does not otherwise exist. This applies even to an Earthly laboratory where we have access to extremely high pressure conditions which can mimic space. We cannot produce neutron-star material or black hole material. In other words we cannot physically test the theories being postulated on the whiteboard, except to make additional speculations by observing the 'graviational effects' in deep space. There are other words for this kind of logic; scholasticism, religion.

In this and other ways, cosmology going well beyond 'physical chemistry', which is a practical and feasable and needs to be practiced in a laboratory situation. This gives cosmology a credibility problem which has led to the rise of an alternative since the 1980s, known as Plasma Cosmology.

Approaching the black-hole problem from a practical standpoint, I decided to find the darkest matter in the universe. These are buckyballs, and carbon nanosheets, but specifically, carbon nanotubes. Carbon nanotubes are quite easily created in a laboratory situation. One of the methods is electrical sparking using a metal catalyst. This gives us a clue as to the constitution of a black hole. This means the carbon nanotubes are possibly lining a very heavy, metallic object. I am predicting the black hole is thus a huge mass of dense metal alloy with strong ferromagnetic properties, lined with nanotubes caused by a high-electricity environment.

Now we need to bend plasma. Physicists do this using gravity, and thus assume a superheavy blackhole. It may be superheavy but if it is ferric in constitution, we could be looking at an enormous electromagnet. Thus effects ascribed to gravity, may really be magnetic, or bent using what physicists refer to as Dark Energy. From what I have been able to work out, Dark Energy seems to be magnetism on a huge scale.

The Difference in Pyramid Size.

The very fine size difference, noted by Robert Temple as significant, between the Khufu and Khafre Pyramids, he applied to the Sirius system. Whatever the merits of that theory, I believe there is a closer association also with atoms and with Alpha Centuari.. as in the video above. Menkaura's pyramid is 1/10 the volume of the Khufu and Khafre pyramids. The Two stars in Alpha Centauri are a fraction different in terms of size. But the third, proxima, is a tenth the volume of the other two. So, did they have large telescopes? YES! Did they have them possibly in the Southern Hemisphere? YES! Did they know the layout of the world and could they traverse it? YES!

...Alpha Centauri, as a triple star, played into their religious conception of the triple structure of the universe (Germanic cosmology).
My Youtube video on this topic!

It seems they incorporated both pieces of information into the one complex, showing that the world must have a triple structure, thus also honouring their own religious ideas. We even see the Germanic tree actually inside the Great Pyramid, a triple world with underground chamber, mid chamber and upper King's Chamber as Hel, Midgard and Asgard respectively.

In light of the above, it seems atomic structure was possibly well known. In my last interview with Larry Pahl, who runs the American Institute of Pyramid Research, it was uncovered Alan Green (Bard Code on Youtube) realised that 137.5, Kings-Chamber Sarcophagi, fit inside the King's Chamber, which Alan relates to what physycists call the Fine Structure Constant. In other words, WOW! This constant refers to behaviour between atomic particles. Well, well, well! This interview is a much watch! Interview with Larry Pahl I encourage people to go on Larry's amazing tours which incorporate the Sacred Geometry of Giza! Larry is, along with Matt Sibson, and Robert Temple, (and Anyextee!) the best Giza researcher I have come across! Larry's Site: The American Institute of Pyramid Research, Larry's Site!

It follows that the 'Greek Discoveries' such as Eratosphenes Earth-size calculation, are in fact, very likely, Old-Egyptian calculations, and this is how the size of the planet was incorporated into the Great Pyramid. He was just a librarian! Link:
My Youtube Video investigating the origin of the 'Earth Size calculation'

World-Mythology Discoveries

Solving the Riddle of the Sphinx

The Sphinx 'leads the Giza pyramids'. It preceeds them as a general would a marching army. If one is face to face with the Sphinx, and one asks the inevitable question: "What are the three pyramids for?" the answer could be only be the riddle: "What walks on four legs in the morning, two in the day and one at night?" The answer is actually the Triple goddess, who has three ages, youth, middle age and old age. The answer is also 'man', who walks with a stick in old age.

The answer is also, however 'pyramids'. The causeway alignments show that the Khafre pyramid is equatorially aligned (middle age). Meanwhile the other two pyramids, Khufu and Menkaura are aligned to the sunrises on either side of this date, both youth and old age. Therefore this is the solution to the Greek, 'Riddle of the Sphinx!'

The Triple Goddess and World Tree at Giza

I have already discussed this in depth on the other websites, but essentially, Giza is world tree. The pyramid itself with its three internal chambers is a large totem pole the chambers represent Asgard, Midgard and Hel below. The chamber below is unfinished as this is Loki's (the fallen angel's, it doesn't matter what name he goes by) underrgound world. The middle chamber was actually not accessable as wood was laid down across the Grand Gallery, preventing access via a lower recess. Hence Middle Earth was not available to Loki, only Hel or Asgard. I beleive they wished him to return to Asgard and rule over them.

Clearly I am using Nordic words to describe a religion which preceeded the Egyptians and was a worldwide one. The three pyramids are also the triple goddess who lives at the roots of World Tree. World tree, like many totem poles, had three levels, which is what we have just described above.

How to read worldwide Totem Poles

In many books on primitive art, such as for instance, Primitive Art by Franz Boas, (1927), as with all modern art history, the scholar simply describes in paragraph after paragraph what the eyes see, the dimensions, the patterns.

Where however, is the knowledge and understanding of the mythological paradigm and framework of the artist? As we go backwards in time, time actually 'exapands geographically.' This is a physics as well as I believe a mythological concept. The reason is the spread of humans. Using Hinduism for instance, bloggers are finding, in 2020, they can read and interpret Etruscan paintings! Thus I apply Nordic Mythology to interpreting the world tree in totem poles. We see three 'dinner plate layers.'

Deep-Civilized Prehistory Speculations

This needs a category of its own as it seems to combine the disciplines of archaeology with worldwide mytholgy, with science, with art history, with everything! How does one argue the case for a subject that many suspect, but few are willing discuss, that mankind has always been advanced, always been civilized, merely interruped, sometimes for tens of thousands of years, by the rare but real, catastrophe?

'Confessions of the Gods' as well as 'Proof of the Gods' are in the genre of what I call 'Deep Civilized Prehistory'. This is the premise that humans have long been able to produce technology, at say a 19th or 20th-century level, except in the distant past. This is a perfectly reasonable premise yet people such as Zakeriah Sitchin have unfortunately mixed it with very precise details of extraterrestrial interventions in human affairs, which utterly ruins the field for anyone else taking a more 'modest' or acceptable point of view to explain 'unexplainable high technology stories' in ancient Indian texts; simply ancient humans once had a world where men knew electronics and other fanatstic ideas of today. Is this so unreasonable?

But if this is the case, and there was a high technology past, we shold be able to pinpoint a time that this may have occured. What I theorise upon, is that an ancient high-tech civilisation existed possibly from 120k to 70k BC. I date this using weather geological records comparable to today. From 70k to 13k years ago, there was possibly a mixture of technology and Stone Age. After 13k years ago, it was probably a pure Stone Age world. I cannot say this without any evidence, for the evidence is quite abundant.

Let us consider for instance, the straight 'lines' lining up cities across Europe, along which I believe cities are built with recycled materials (ancient economic exploitation). Let us consider the high-tech pre-Inca walls, built with an unknown acidic technology, massive canals a mile appart in the deltas of central Africa, the mathematical knowledge of the Great Pyramid as a time capsule reflecting ancient science, astronomy and even the atomic model; the knowledge of the number chromosomes (I discovered that autosomes were possibly confused for ribs, but you can see the true number on the 11,000 year old Shigir idol), the knowledge of ancient DNA vaults (the two 'Arks', Covenant and Noah).

This is only the beginning. We have gone through much of this on my channel and there is more to come. Adding the probabilities for the coincidences of circumstancial evidence, what is the result? Clearly something happned which is greater thant he current ideas about the past. I simply assert that we may be onto something. Current paradigms which people might use to ridicule me specify a 'recent civilzed origin' in 3100 BC which I challenge I assert to be simply the obsolete application of Biblical 'neo-creationism', (neo-catastrophism). These theories and ideas are simply too sensible to ridicule or dismiss to reasonable satisfaction.

Discovery: 'Jesus' is the Ancient Name of the GREEN MAN, found in ancient churches. How Christianity was sold to the Europeans very easily!

If you analyse the substance of the new testament it isn't about Jesus Teachings as much as it is about the suspense leading up to human sacrifice for a god. Which god? If you look into Europe's ancient religions we see that Esus is the deity to whom criminals are sacrificed once a year by whipping and then nailing to a tree. In Poland it was 'Yassa.' Poland worshipped Yassa and Marzian (Mary/Mars) in ancient times, along with Boda (Body/Budh). Ironically sermons surive in which priests in Poland literally tell people to forget about Yassa and think about Jesus, even though they have the same name!

Esus in the West and Yassa in the East. Both of these seem to be the same name as Jesus. What the hell is going on? It is now evidenct that it is a lucky coincidence that the prophet killed 2000 years ago was called 'Yeshua' or his cult would not spread at all. I speculate that the Celtic Galatians, mentioned by St Paul, wrote the New Testament. I received a lot of flak on my channel for suggesting this but I'm in the habit of truth telling! The reason they wrote the New Testament is that someone devoted an enormous amount of energy to turning the New Testament from a life of Christ into a long and elaborate killing of three 'criminals,' Jesus, and two others. There is beating, there is impalement with thorns and there is nailing to a tree/cross.

In fact, in the Middle Ages, as I show, Jesus is called 'Hym that Died in Tre,' as in the Robin Hood Ballads.

The savage human sacricice in the New Testament now has a reason, to sell the religion to the Celts, widespread throughout Europe! This was the sacrifice of a human, to the Green Man, Esus/Yassa. This was then inserted into the New Testament to show others that this is Esus come to life, Jesus, sacrificing himself to his father, himself, also called 'Jesus' in ancient times. I'm a bit gobsmacked that no-one has realised this!

Christianity is based on the Mundane, Pre-Arabic Astrology and Millennial Cycles. Why?

The reason for this is that people were literally expecting Christ to pop up two thousand years ago, and weather cycle analysis bears out the millennial cycle. Every millennium we see a peak in Temperatures. The Warm Period of the Roman Empire, the High Middle Ages, and today! In between we have lows in temperatures. This is based on Jupier Saturn Conjunctions which appear to recur every thousand years. I have explained this in great detail in my videos. 2020 was a year of disaster on planet Earth. I explained that the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction that occured was once in a millennium. No-one in the media picked this up. What we saw in 2020 was literally the Star of Bethlehem. Christianity is inseperable from ancient ideas of history repeating in cycles and every thousand years but Christians are unaware of this. In fact no-one is aware of how important the Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions actually are!

The science of Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions and the thousand year cycle is BASED on Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions. The entire reason for having a millennia is also based on Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions! I did a subject on Millenarial religions at university but was never explained why the millennium was so important! I had to look up the writings of Albumassar to find out why!

The Historical Jesus Discovered

This is most fascinating indeed! This man in my opinion is the Samaritan Prophet. I discovered that scholars have only been considering the Judean sects as 'Judaism' and have made a crazy assumption that Jesus must be Judean! Thus they have ridiculously written books saying: "Oh he must be an Essene!". Crazy! Essenes were a monastic body. Jesus by contrast was almost a nomad. I also note that Jesus in the New Testament climbs a mountain with this followers, where he encounters the Transfiguration, and starts glowing or changing colours.

The same scenario is presented in Josephus, a prophet, the Samaritan prophet has told people he is going to find the artefacts of Moses on top of a mountain. Pilate arrives with troops and everyone is slain. This happens in the 30s AD making this contender, unlike almost every other contender, the HISTORICAL CHRIST. Of course the New Testament was written in Roman times to excuse the Romans and blame the Jews. It's awfully confusing but it's very clear that the Romans excute Jesus and give him the punishment of a traitor. Make no mistake. The Romans killed Jesus, not the Jews!

Tree, Log, Branch! Names of Ancient gods! More totem pole names!

The above seem to be names of Gods! Imagine gods as carved totem pole representations representing the levels of the universe. You would have a 'log' in the ground and we have the Celtic god LUG. Tre is the Russian word for 'three', hence the triple god, or triple level. Leaf, it means life, live! Branch... Bran! Words like stick seem more related to the warehouse term, stock. One would imagine therefore each hamlet or village would have a barn full of wood for burning in the coldest of winter. It seems that children being taught about a tree would be also informed about the pantheon of mythology at the same time! The tree would be a perfect tool for explaining the structure of the universe, also thought to be a tree of sorts with a triple level (Germanic cosmology).

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