"This is just unbelievable"

"This is really weird!"

"What is going on here!?"

"What's going on?"

Ladies and Gentlemen... Changes are taking place in the way we see the 'Endless Human Past' and Archaeology cannot keep up. It is up to "the people" to find the truth.

Check my main Youtube Channel, 'Charles Kos', (OVER THIRTEEN MILLION VIEWS!) for updates and information on latest discoveries. I have been called the 'Carl Sagan' of ancient mysteries (very proud!) and specialise in bringing obscure information to the public! I think that due to the quality and sheer amount of brand-new theories that I've come up with, (based on mutually-supporting evidence) applying scientific principals and Occam's Razor: I've earned the right to call myself the "World's #1 Ancient Mysteries Theorist!"

What I believe... An ancient super-high-tech civilisation existed 120k to 70k BC. From 70k to 13k years ago, there was a mixture of technology and stone age. After 13k it was pure stone age. The evidence is the straight lines across Europe, (I call them Anunnaki Superhighways) the high-tech pre-Inca walls, the mathematical knowledge of the Great Pyramid as time capsule.

When people ask me what I do, I tell them I'm in Ancient Mysteries. THAT's what I do! P.S. If you would like to add a crime tour to your travel itinerary I can show your group around! See:

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I also have a SECOND Youtube Channel which is about Self-Help Business Empowerment and Transformational topics to help people, with some public speaking appearances recorded, etc. Top of page for links, or click here. As a historical specialist (PhD), I run courses for corporates in leadership. This is my second career, when I am not doing ancient mysteries.

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A discovery in 2017 Pushes Homo Sapiens 300,000 years into the past!,

'Paranormal Phenomena' are partly caused by future humans messing with Time Travel ("Quantum Entanglement"),

Stonehenge was originally a rectangle, modified many times,

Civilization was destroyed tens of thousands of years ago, but ressurrected by High-Tech 'Pandora's Box',

All this, and much more, on my Youtube Channel...

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About Charles:

Hey, Ladies and Gents =)
I am a proud Youtuber (REAL-NEWS reporter!) and author/presenter of ancient mysteries. My main work is to challenge the 'status quo' with regards to what we really know about the human past. I made this channel to talk to YOU about our tremendous ancient history, stretching back hundreds of thousands of years, was interrupted by a series of great catastrophes which completely altered our earth. We only began piecing together the picture of what happened quite recently. I have published information on youtube and elsewhere, about our ancient technological past, that you cannot find any place else.
I am very active in making youtube videos and documentaries. When I can, I actually travel to locations to do field work 'on the ground,' also documenting in book form our 'endless human past'.


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Thank you for your interest.