"This is just unbelievable"

"This is really weird!"

"What is going on here!?"

did you know...

A discovery in 2017 Pushes Homo Sapiens 300,000 years into the past!,

'Paranormal Phenomena' are partly caused by future humans messing with Time Travel ("Quantum Entanglement"),

Stonehenge was originally a rectangle, modified many times,

Civilization was destroyed tens of thousands of years ago, but ressurrected by High-Tech 'Pandora's Box',

All this, and much more, on my Youtube Channel...

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I am a proud Youtuber (REAL-NEWS reporter!) and author/presenter of ancient mysteries. My main work is to challenge the 'status quo' with regards to what we really know about the human past. I made this channel to talk to YOU about our tremendous ancient history, stretching back hundreds of thousands of years, was interrupted by a series of great catastrophes which completely altered our earth. We only began piecing together the picture of what happened quite recently. I have published information on youtube and elsewhere, about our ancient technological past, that you cannot find any place else.
I am very active in making youtube videos and documentaries. When I can, I actually travel to locations to do field work 'on the ground,' also documenting in book form our 'endless human past'.


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