"This is just unbelievable"

"This is really weird!"

"What is going on here!?"

did you know...

A discovery in 2017 Pushes Homo Sapiens 300,000 years into the past!,

'Paranormal Phenomena' are partly caused by future humans messing with Time Travel ("Quantum Entanglement"),

Stonehenge was originally a rectangle, modified many times,

Civilization was destroyed tens of thousands of years ago, but ressurrected by High-Tech 'Pandora's Box',

All this, and much more, on my Youtube Channel...

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About Charles:

Hey, =) I'm a youtuber (reporter!) and author/speaker in ancient mysteries. I'm also interested in techniques like New-Age transformation, New Thought. My main work is to challenge the 'status quo' with regards to what we really know about the human past. I made this channel to talk to YOU about our tremendous ancient history, stretching back hundreds of thousands of years, was interrupted by a series of great catastrophes which completely altered our earth. We only began piecing together the picture of what happened quite recently. I've published information on youtube and elsewhere, about our ancient technological past, that you cannot find any place else.
I am very active in making youtube videos and documentaries. When I can, I actually travel to locations to do field work 'on the ground,' also documenting in book form our 'endless human past'.


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