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Atlantis Solved? 10 pages (2019)
In this article I discuss reasons for suspecting Atlantis is Old Sarum.

Decyphering Quipu: The Transatlantic Solution? 10 pages (2019)
In this article I discuss the Solution to reading the Inca Quipu, as based on the Rosetta Stone of the Irish Ogham alphabet!

Gigantism: OR The Reduction of Gigantism, in Humans, Animals, and Real Extinction of the Dinosaurs 30,000 years ago? (2019)
In this article, is discussed the new theory about how Gigantism was reduced, through action of Carbon Monoxide which selectively poisons those larger animals unable to diffuse oxygen into the bloodstream! We estimate this is the real date for the extinction of the dinosaurs, about 30k years ago.

O polkiej historii i Wielkim Słowiańskim Imperium, które przeciwstawiło sie Rzymowi. (English: About Polish history and the The Great Slav Empire, which defied Rome, and the Coverup of this, and Slav Writing, among the Oldest in the World?!) 2021
This article is in Polish (Thanks Tomasz!) and English! It describes and reveals the fact that the Slavs are treated as little children by archaeology and history. Unable to write until the Germans or Greeks give them writing, absent from all ancient history in classic antiquity despite being the dominant ethnic group in Europe!
We discover that 1) The Slavs INVENTED glagolithic or alchemical script, which they passed to the Egyptians. This is a precursor to Linear Scripts of Greece and Egyptian Hieroglyphics, and is related to Vinca! I believe from epigraphic and other evidence (pyramid building akin to Silbury Hill) that the first dynasties of Egypt were English mixed with Germans/Slavs, mixed with the people living there when these groups arrived by boat. (Boat burials).
2) The Suevic (Slav) democratic system was passed to Athens and Republicanism to Rome! The Ludzie (Luggi tribe) correspond exactly to 'Little Poland' an area conquered by Great Poland (Poznan/Gniesno) 1000 years ago. They are Latins/Lydians (I read this on a blog). There seems to have been a unified Slav Empire until the time of the European Dark ages, which explains the language similarity.
The Slavs are treated as children AND conquerors by ancient historians at the same time, (no mention of any conquest they just 'appear out of space and time like Dr Who'. It is clear that ancient history actually mentions the Slavs many times but they are treated as Suevic Germans in Classic Antiquity. Note that the German language is never discussed in Roman sources! Hence the confusion!

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AUG/20. "Did ‘Giant’, Prehistoric Discoverers of America actually construct the monumental ‘Inca’ Buildings? Did they map the World, and establish megalithic civilisation, many millennia ago? And… in Clovis times?"

"Dear Charles, I'm 100% in agreement with you on your well researched and written article, I have read it once and I will read it again. The jigsaw of ancient history is finally being pieced together. You've nailed it, or put us nearer the truth. I admire everyone in real pursuit of our pre history."
Thank You!