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Atlantis Solved? 10 pages (2019)
In this article I discuss reasons for suspecting Atlantis is Old Sarum.

Decyphering Quipu: The Transatlantic Solution? 10 pages (2019)
In this article I discuss the Solution to reading the Inca Quipu, as based on the Rosetta Stone of the Irish Ogham alphabet!

Gigantism: OR The Reduction of Gigantism, in Humans, Animals, and Real Extinction of the Dinosaurs 30,000 years ago? (2019)
In this article, is discussed the new theory about how Gigantism was reduced, through action of Carbon Monoxide which selectively poisons those larger animals unable to diffuse oxygen into the bloodstream! We estimate this is the real date for the extinction of the dinosaurs, about 30k years ago.

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