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My name is Charles Robert Kos. I am a researcher, Youtuber and Ancient Mysteries author, based in Australia. I am on a quest to "uncover the lost super-civilization." This is spoken of in ancient texts, such as the Mahabharata, as being more advanced than our own civilisation. This quest is ongoing, until it is found, proven, and documented.

I have made some videos which are highly controversial since they turn everything we seem to know upside down. To show my detractors that these ideas are found in some logic and reasoning, I would like to display my credentials: Bachelor of Science Melbourne University (chemistry); Bachelor of Arts with Honours, Monash University, majoring in history with minors in Latin. PhD, history, Monash University.

On this site, you will find articles, information about my books, ongoing and past research, and Youtube show, which goes by the informal working name of 'Ancient Mystery!'. The information therein, may change your perspective, and your life!

I have been researching ancient mysteries and the origin of man for my whole life. It is somewhat of an obsession and I have decided to turn it into my life's passion as well as vocation. For those who are interested, below you will find some of what I have done, ranked by year.


I just had an amazing adventure in USA, in Michigan and Ohio, visiting the Serpent Mound and other ancient sites! The result was four videos documentaries, released straight to Youtube: a search for King Solomon's Mines, an in-depth analysis and realisation of the Serpent mound as a 'Initiation site' for wizards who would have followed a yearly course, discovery of a bizarre hill fort with ancient ruins I interpret as having been constructed by the Viracochas in America, as well as the infamous 'Paulding Light' up north, all filmed by wonderful camerawoman, Heidi N. It seems to be car headlights but actually could be based on something more mysterious. There was enough footage for another video, which was our search for King Solomon's Mines, something I had always wanted to do, especially since reading the novel by Rider Haggard, as well as many movies on the topic (they place the mines in Africa, but "au contraire!." I have created many videos supporting the case that the Upper-Peninsula Lake-Superior Mines are in fact "Solomon's Mines." This is related to the trade controlled by "Atlantis". It is what the Atlantic War would have been about.

I regularly do road trips around Victoria, (at least, that's the goal!). Just came back from my first daytrip to Queenscliff. I say first because now that i've located the general area that explorers searched, I want to find the old mine shafts. It's given me enough footage to make a two-part documentary for my Youtube show, 'Ancient Mystery', on the pirate treasure of Benito Bonito, who deposited it there, supposedly, in 1821.


I went to speak at a conference in Yorkshire (World Medieval Congress) on the subject of Robin Hood. While I was in Europe (long way from Aussie) stopped in Germany and Poland! Saw incredible amazing things, the location of the cave in which the Neander was first found in Dusseldorf, the streets walked by Jack the Ripper in London. Explored old Leeds and Yorkshire, uncovering, surprisingly, several curious medieval tombstones. In Poland I made some phenomenal discoveries regarding Ley Lines and how important this prehistoric network once was, for simple land navigation. Since I am Australian, this was also my first encounter with falling snow! Magic!

I also visited Noosa and Brisbane, near Gimpie. My first look at the Glasshouse Mountains which resemble ancient pyramids. The whole area was an ancient civilisation which came to a sad end. Australia is not a good place to set up civilisations. Our current one is the only which worked. The destroyed Gimpie pyramids are nearby. Brisbane regular plants look like huge indoor plants!


In this year, me and my brother were fortunate enough to do an extensive 3 week drive around 'only' half of Tasmania. We simply put our car on the ferry and 12 hours later, and after much vomiting on my part, we were in Tassy! I say only because even this considerable time was not sufficient to cover more than half of the 'small island'. Saw species which shall soon become extinct, the Tasmanian Devil, in the wild, which runs from cars like a clumsy fox. They have bizarre animals like the road chook. Also had an usual experience with a black form of the extinct Tasmanian Tiger. This encounter got me very interested in cryptids. A Tasmanian park ranger told me it could be a new species. The Cryptid society, surprisingly, told me it was likely to have been a dog! Tasmania is composed out of volcanic dolerite rocks, unlike Australia which is primarily sedimentary, and hence much flatter.


In this year I did an intensive, investigative 'Ireland Tour', I personally visited 13 Round Towers, examining their mystery. I came to the conclusion they are related to Aryan towers in Asia, but the new theory that they are knock-offs of the Lighthouse of Alexandria or Minarets also has credibility. They are really Irish Pyramids. Also visited were ancient tombs and other weird and wonderful ancient places such as Newgrange. Learned an enormous amount about the Ancient Pyramid Religion which enabled me to write my first book in my own name, "In Search of the Origin of Pyramids".

In addition, extensive research into Stone Circles in Western Victoria resulted in publication of an article for the astronomy magazine. It appears we had our own lost Stone-Circle civilization here in Australia, complete with burial mounds, just like in North America and Europe.


Amazing trip to Poland. Eastern Europe is attractive because it's good on the hip pocket, but also because the ancient wonders are just as remarkable as anywhere else. We saw the best ancient wonders of the country, such as Biskupin. Very impressive. People in the west do not know how good Poland can be. I would even say that it is better than London, at least the Old Town. I've contributed a lot of photos in my videos on my main channel. In this time I was also putting the finishing touches to my history PhD.


One of the best trips of my life, to England and Germany. Simply incredible places. Went to Stonehenge two days in a row, Avebury, Glastonbury. Incredible. Millions of photos of old London, rural England, Germany.


I believe it was in this year that I had a most remarkable experience at Ballarat Lake. I had been experimenting with superior forms of tarot card reading. These involved hitting a deep 'meditative state' which involved . Naturally my results after this were brilliant, and people were rather shocked by the answers I began to provide. I learned that achieving trance was about stilling the waters of the mind.

In this time I decided to continue to use my young mind to absorb as much information as possible. I began building a huge library filled with what I could afford (cheap, second hand books by authors like Brad Steiger), on incredible psychic discoveries, as well as ancient mysteries.

I was also pushing my 'Saturn Return' (Age 30) and it was a turbulent time in terms of a bizarre synchronism of two failed relationships, in which I seemed to have been sabotaged by some weird 'force'. I now know what that force was: the contours of my future, interfering with the past. I would not subsequently lead an 'ordinary life'. It was 'preparation'.

I stared into the waters of Ballarat Lake, which had been sacred to the aborigines, and 'induced trance'. I must have hypnotised myself as I encountered a similar experience to that in the fictional 'Picnic at Hanging Rock', a marvellous place and simply did not wish to leave. The lake felt sacred, magical, part of me. As I stared into the water, I also saw my 'totem animal' for the first time, the Hyena. It was a real 'spiritual awakening'.


The second half of this decade was pretty bad for me. I overcame some awful illnesses, related to chronic fatigue, including weird glandular, getting rid of them with natural methods. I transformed myself as a result, eating healthy, eating less, and exercise, which is the best prevention.


Impromptu expedition to Pyramid Hill, Victoria. One of my first 'expeditions' in search of Ancient Mysteries. It seems to be a similar sort of 'pyramid' to the 'Bosnian Pyramids'. That is, it sure looks like a 'pyramid', but is way to big to have been made by humans. Just goes to show that nature can seem to 'make' pyramids. Since then I have been to almost every Victorian town in search of ancient mysteries.


I was heavily considering working as a laboratory chemist, until I realised I would be lugging arsenic around. Since I still looked fresh out of high school I decided instead to enter Monash University in search of the 'classical education' that all the great educated people of the past performed. I took every history, classics and archaeology subject I could and absolutely unleashed my passion and true vocation in the humanities. I am totally, in fact more than qualified, to talk about all these subjects, since I have studied them for so long. I acquired so many new mentors, this time on a more personal and friendly basis and had some of the most incredible years of my life. While others were getting drunk, I spent a lot of my spare time simply researching ancient mysteries.


I spent a year writing, as yet unpublished works on the Trojan War, and the real reasons and history behind it, which authors do not mention. I was exclusively devoted to Ancient Mysteries' research, following the completion of my Bachelor of Science degree at Melbourne University, the top institution in Australia. (Our version of MIT or Oxford) Over the past three years, I had learned from brilliant scientists whom I shall never forget. In a way, they became mentors, even if I was not working on higher research. I learned that just because something is published does not make it a fact. In fact, publishing tends to cement 'half-facts' and falsities. I was 'mentored' in this amazing way by world-leading famous scientists and philosophers like Ian Plimer, and Neil Thomason, (history and philosophy of science) both brilliant lecturers, not to mention some brilliant biologists whose lectures made an incredible impression upon my young mind. I was educated in the 'paradigm shift' and why discoveries start with the notion and thought of 'that's... strange...' Not every professor was 'smart' in this way, but I rubbed shoulders with many geniuses who had been attracted to this, one of the world's top universities. I wished I could stay at university forever, just learning and absorbing. It was a true paradise, despite the continual annoyance of handing in ridiculous assignments.

In this year I also hit the telescope in a big way, reading everything about Percivel Lowell. Finally I had my first astronomical telescope and I saw everything I could, mapping 'canals' on Mars and other planets, which seem to be a bizarre form of moisture phenomena across mountain ranges. It taught me a lot also about the 'electrical universe', in terms of seeing stars scattered together, or in 'electrical formation', the way constellations are aligned, which differed considerably to what should have been observed, had the gravitational universe been the only system influencing anything.