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My name is Charles Robert Kos. I am a researcher, Youtuber and Ancient Mysteries author, based in Australia. I am on a quest to "uncover the lost super-civilization." This is spoken of in ancient texts, such as the Mahabharata, as being more advanced than our own civilisation. This quest is ongoing, until it is found, proven, and documented.

I have made some videos which are highly controversial since they turn everything we seem to know upside down. To show my detractors that these ideas are found in some logic and reasoning, I would like to display my credentials: Bachelor of Science Melbourne University (chemistry); Bachelor of Arts with Honours, Monash University, majoring in history with minors in Latin. PhD, history, Monash University.

On this site, you will find articles, information about my books, ongoing and past research, and Youtube show, which goes by the informal working name of 'Ancient Mystery!'. The information therein, may change your perspective, and your life!

I have been researching ancient mysteries and the origin of man for my whole life. It is somewhat of an obsession and I have decided to turn it into my life's passion as well as vocation. For those who are interested, below you will find some of what I have done, ranked by year.

List of Adventures

Hunting Solomon's Mines in America (2017)
Hunting Burial Mounds in Europe and Unknown Ruins There(2012-Present)
Discovering the Real Robin Hood, (2014, PhD)

From Youtube: (2019) "First Off, I believe you are a real Indiana Jones and I thank you for the amazing adventrues you've shared. Harrison Ford should be proud!"