I am an 'Ancient Aliens' kinda guy, but tend to think these 'Ancient Aliens', were not the greys. The Greys are 'whatever is coming through' due to quantum entanglement regarding a technological event in our past or future (I think near future, next 10,000 years). The past aliens are really Ancient Nephilim ('demigods' in Egyptian history) And Biblical Giants ('Gods' in Egyptian history). These were, I think, Homo Sapiens, and as flesh and blood as you or I.

I've basically dedicated my life to this research and trying to understand what occured in our deep antiquity. The results of this reserach are rather unsettling, to say the least.

There were wars of huge ancient destructiveness and even attempts to 'reset the planet' to 'factory configuration,' afterwards.

In the next few years, I intend to release a series of books which describe in chronological order, the information I am putting out in my Youtube Videos. My existing book is dedicated to stating that the Great Pyramid complex is really Stone-Age Trinity worship, not 'Khufu's tomb.' which I really really is an 'uneducated' opinion, particularly those who say it is 'only' a tomb.