Stonehenge is the leftovers of earlier structures

Nothing was mined by Stone Age peoples. On of the youtubers on my videos described this as the 'Kos Theory', lol.

The vid above is among my best work. This is the final proof.

Stonehenge was recycled out of a fortress of Atlantis along the outer ring wall.

Uneven quality of the Stones proves the builders were less interested in carving them than they were in turning it into an astronomical alignment. Don't think anyone has realised this before! It shows they were not even carved but actually found in situ, during the Stone Ages!

Weird Old Structure depicted in this! Roman Wall? What is it? Border of Stupa that Stonehenge perhaps once was? Who can say?

Oops, Stonehenge drawn as Square in Middle Ages? What's going on?

The Oldest Stone Circle in the UK seems to be the most advanced?

Stonehenge Looks like the frame of a taller building!

Avebury proven to have been a square monument. Two cults of builders?