Hanging Rock

Is this a carving of the fallen Angel? Hanging rock, Victoria (Mount Diogenes) is truly Bizarre. It is a 'volcanic plug', or so they say! This makes it rather similar to the creepy Devil's Tower, and this place is also known for `abductions' albeit fictional ones!

Hanging Rock Statue

I believe that many of the vertical volcanic elements of this could encapsulate a fossilised forest of sorts. The place is just so strange and bizarre and different, I am really not quite sure to make of it all.

On the one hand we have this statue of a fifty foot tall giant... or is he a fossilised tree or merely basalt left over from the volcano? To me, he seems to have been carved somewhat, but why who or what? We also have this crocodile-like formation which is also odd!

My theory on all this is that a forest was buried, with trees far more ancient than are seen today, but not totally unlike the trees of today. (Perhaps these were similar to large banksias, which are the previous type of Eucalyptus. Then, the trees were covered over and quickly buried. Then they were fossilised.)Then again, a horticulturialist just informed me, as I write this, that trees do not grow so closely together! Therefore he thinkgs it is more likely a giant tree stump!

What remains is a mixture of fossil trees and volcanic crystal basalt. At least in some respects some tree imprints and grains appear, strangely to be preserved!

Then there is the curious story `Picnic at Hanging Rock', in which some schoolgirls on a daytrip go missing. Look, the whole story is completely fictional.

Having said that there is indeed a force of sorts at work, possibly something geomagnetic, or such, which is causing a type of attachment to the landscape.

A TRAILER to this vid is also available on my Dr. Charles Kos facebook!