UK as possible Atlantis Remnant

I am just really facinated by this.

There was a huge area of land under what is now UK! It is close enough to Ancient Athens to have been at war with them! This video is the 'primer'. It reveals the surprising fact that in Solon's Time, Greekd did not seem to know what Britain is! If they knew... would they have called it... 'Atlantis?'

Machined stone from Ireland. I am not sure if it is 'Atlantean' or just 19th-century restorations. Blocks recycled time and again in Ireland, everywhere, forever.

'Atlantis' is continuing to Sink into the Ocean! Isn't this some kind of proof regarding the location!

UK is a kind of missing link, linking Tiwanaku and European art. Trans-Atlantic Contact!

Capital of Atlantis, revealed! It seems to match the descriptions!

May as well show what was going on before the Atlantis capital was built! Surprise... surprise, that it is all built over the earlier supercivilization!