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Confessions of the Gods?

- Nuclear War of Anunnaki Vs. Nephilim, 2018

THE BOOK THAT WILL CHANGE THE WORLD. This is called 'Confessions' because who or what are the 'gods' anyway? What do the very oldest texts say?

The author visits a nuked and fossilised city. Then he examines ancient documents such as the Book of Enoch, the Lost Book of Adam and Eve, and the Mahabharata. Like Zekariah Sitchin, he uses these ancient documents to piece together a scenario of an ancient Nuclear War, which took place just after the catastrophes of 70,000 years ago, and when half of mankind had already begun to slip back into the stone ages, but some super-technology of the older 'Anunnaki' world remained.

This was between two superpowers harnessing technology exceeding today's technology. Lesser civilisations were caught in the middle. They received training and weapons in a Lend Lease-style arrangement from their allies, a high tech civilisation. Their opponent were the genocidal 'Danava' or Demons. The more I think about the Danava the more I see they are not quite 'human' as we would describe humans today. Perhaps a type of human used to living in orbital or interplanetary environments. Is their war why 'you shall have no other gods,' as the First Commandment?

This war is concealed mainly in the Sanskrit Mahabharata, which is mainly about another war entirely, but the commentators have so far been unable to tell the difference! The whole book is a compilation of wars! The high-tech war is amazingly described in great detail.
When I found out this information I was incredibly shocked that no-one had actually threshed it out before!

This is true evidence of Ancient Astronauts. Read it and be amazed.

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In Search of the Origin of Pyramids, 2015

Realising, as many do, that the tomb theory for the Giza Pyramid was 'utter bollox', in 2015, I became extremely enthusiastic about the intellectual challenge posed by solving the 'Giza pyramids puzzle'. This resulted in a paradigm-shifting book called: "In Search of the Origin of Pyramids", which so far has garnered two five-star reviews on Amazon from excited readers.

The author takes the reader on an epic trip across Europe, seeking the origin of pyramids among what he describes as 'Forgotten Buddha Stupas'. He concludes that pyramids are built for "trinity worship" (Three pyramids at Giza). Giza was also located at the 'Geographical Center' of the World, because it is 'World Mountain' and the Giza pyramid replaces the 'Irminsul' or world tree which once grew here. The understanding of Giza cannot proceed from the paradigm that pyramids are localised in Egypt. This book will upset the orthodoxy (from whom I have heard nothing) as it will force them to take an 'international' view of pyramids in order to understand what is going on in Egypt! In short, this is 'really what's going on!'

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The 'tomb' theory is garbage, and an insult which the pyramid-builders would have laughed at. Read this book and discover the real story!


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