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Confessions of the Gods?

- Nuclear War of Anunnaki Vs. Nephilim, 2018

Pleasant Felicitations Everybody! I would like to introduce....

THE BOOK THAT WILL CHANGE THE WORLD. Ten years in the making, this is called 'Confessions' because, as Eric Von Daniken once put it, who or what are the 'ancient gods' anyway, if we are made in the same form, and does a modern scientific perspective reveal the existence of ancient science in a text formerly not at all understood? What do the very oldest texts say? You the reader will decide if you are reading Ancient Science Fiction or a memory of once-real events!

Not seeking to be an academic text, this book is written in a fun and simple style remeniscent of the 70s, popular 'Ancient Astronaut' texts, as something of an homage. In this it is a 'one off', as I usually adopt a more serious style.

Firstly, the author visits a strange location possibly involving ancient vitrification. Subsequently, he examines ancient documents excluded from the Bible, as they belonged to the rival, Enochian Judaism, such as the Book of Enoch, the Lost Book of Adam and Eve, and the Indian Mahabharata, the Great Sanskrit work. He uses these ancient documents to piece together a scenario of an ancient Nuclear War, which he supposes, but cannot prove, took place just after the known catastrophes of 70,000 years ago, and when half of mankind had already begun to slip back into the Stone Ages, but some 'super-technology' of the older 'Anunnaki' world remained. The author is reluctant to place the origin of the tales after this time as archaeological evidence is lacking, but a once high-tech world may be bured in very deep layers.

Since human history only stretches back about 6000 years, with only Stone-Age relics found before this, it is quite hard to think what to make of these tales. As a result the author has received more than his fair-share of ridicule from some people content to live in a small, homogenous and sanitised world. However, he feels the ancient stories and the purported history of India deserves more attention. Naturally a radically-changed view of human history is called for if we accept the Indian events. Instead of emerging from the Stone Age only once we have actually emerged many times.

Science Fiction? Perhaps. Indians and Sri-Lankans see modern technology in ancient epics and are unable to make anything of it other than as a true description of past events, with some embelishment. It is hard to visulise a Stone-Age people handing down in sacred writ a story involving weapons not conceived of until about 1945, by Oppenheimer's team in Los Alamos.

According to the narrative, there was once a war between two superpowers, harnessing technology exceeding today's technology. Lesser civilisations were caught in the middle. According to the narrative, which may be Sci-Fi, one nation received training and weapons in a 'Lend-Lease-style' arrangement from their allies, a high-tech civilisation possessing advanced weaponry. Their opponent were the genocidal 'Danava' (Demons/gods). The more I think about the Danava the more I see they are not quite 'human' as we would describe humans today. Phenotypes certainly alter over time in response to evolutionary pressures. I do not think of them as 'alien' but humans on Earth and this is not a book about 'aliens.'

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