Dr Charles has been described as:

"The Best Speaker, I have ever seen!" (High Level Beaurocrat)
and "The Smartest man on Youtube!" (Stated by an individual with IQ 158).
Charles is demonstrated to be Bloom Level SIX (some scales have five levels) in conceptual relations (Highest level). Bloom Level measures level of understanding. (BLOOM LEVEL SIX: "The Capacity to Generalize a Structure beyond the information given, and even produce new hypotheses or theories, which may then be scrutinized" = DEEP UNDERSTANDING). So... To Charles: "Basically all your dumb youtube critics are down around Bloom Level 2 (surface understanding) while being able to link concepts together into new theories is the highest level of understanding (Level 5)" (Stated by Physics Professor!)

Now, that may or may not be all so, BUT.... HERE is what is IMPORTANT!

"Charles Enjoys speaking for various audiences. If you are Melbourne-based, consider booking him for your next event to deliver a sursprisingly energetic talk!"

Public Talks that Charles has given!

Dr Charles' Mankind Wake Up and Inspiration Talk!

What we cover: Where do we come from, where are we going? Is evolution real? How to change your life and existence and transform it! Why everything you learned in school is wrong! How to unleash your natural energy and be as energetic as you can be, always!

The MESSAGE from the PAST... to YOU!

In this talk, we cover self-help through the wisdom of ancient peoples. Do more by thinking less! IT sounds like a paradox but is not. Be in harmony with the universe! Learn the Hermetic wisdom of the Egyptians and pre-Egyptians! The Pre-Egyptians recorded certain information in stone which they wished to passed to select individuals in future.

Where do we come from. Where are we Going? and How to Succeed?

I have not given this talk but it is a great concept. What is a human? Where do we come from? How old is our history really? What is some Hermetic advice, taught in Ancient Egyptian schools that we can use to succeed?

Charles in Action

Napoleon Hill's Secret!

Dr Charles has had fun on Youtube. But now he is ready to take his message... to the WORLD! CHARLES IS READY FOR BOOKINGS! EMAIL HIM TODAY! As Dr Charles likes to say: "WOOOHOOO!"


Charles is avilable for TV interviews and such, or cable TV opportunities! Please Email Me, at once!