How to attend a Seminar...

Hello everyone. Here is a link to the Workshop meetup which is located in Melbourne. As well as the primary aim of just having fun, I intend holding classes for interested parties in building up Intuition, Confidence and Luck. I believe these are all linked and all super important to build, if you want to build a strong career and life!

Self Improver Dabblers!
Melbourne Ancient Mysteries Meetup

LATEST DISCOVERIES OF THE SUPER-CIVILIZATION and CHANGE YOUR LIFE WITH ANCIENT EGYPTIAN KNOWLEDGE AND WISDOM... Information actually FROM the Lost Supercivilization to possibly improve your life! Speaking Tour, Coming Soon!

Please also see my youtube channel, TheLucky!

Alternately, for paid, official courses, public and corporate workshops and seminars, please see my website, for further material.
... Luck is a Habit dot com

Dr Charles Kos.