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I now have a Patreon page. First an INCREDIBLE, THANK YOU! To all my Patrons. You guys are simply amazing. I am working to hard to make the videos more awesome with each episode! Let's face it. It's REALLY hard to do this full time, and i'm not yet there. I need to do other related, or unrelated things to get there.

In addition, everything collected on that page will be spent on purchasing equipment to improve the channel, and becoming more independent, in order to continue making videos, at an even higher frequency.

A major reward of the $15 and up tier is that the patron gets to select video topic, once of twice per year, for me to thoroughly investigate and make a video about!

A huge 'Thank you!' to...

Sam A.
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Anthony A.

You guys are AWESOME, and you guys have made my day, as well as supporting research into ancient mysteries, in finding answers!!!!! This is amazing!

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