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Ladies and Gents, this page is where I have placed some information regarding new discoveries or insights, possibly exposed for the first time, as on Youtube'. Please have a look at the menu to the right!

What people have said about this channel...

On every video you can find good and bad (lol) comments...

Here are a few nice ones...

"Hi Charles, just ordered your book which will sit nicely next to my Velikovsky, Ignatius Donnelly, Charles Hapgood et al."

"You are the best researcher in Australia I have ever seen!" (2016)

"You're turning into the Carl Sagan of history for me personally. Simply awesome." (2018)

"You're one of the smartest people on all of youtube, if not the smartest. I get the same kind of flak at times from internet people and I have IQ 158 and a couple degrees of my own. That is just how these kind of 'debunker' types operate. The second they see someone saying something they can't comprehend they become extremely condescending and in recent times start talking about the 'consensus'. Well I know that real science does not operate on the idea of a consensus, quite the opposite, and I am pretty sure this is even more true when it comes to historians." "GREAT PYRAMID SOLVED... AFTER 100,000 YEARS!?" U. W. (2018)

I think that deserves a big WOOOOHOOOO!


Anwyay.... I have a forum for discussion about anything Ancient Mystery related!!

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