A list of Theories!

I have often been asked in the past, to provide a chronological sequence of theories that I came up with for Youtube! I am trying to write ancient history as the correct history! I also don't want people jumping on me too much and saying 'nah I said it first!' (It's happened!)

So that's why I have to make this list! 1st the theories, then some praiseworthy testimonials! Also check the links on the right for links to certain related discoveries. I am arranging this geographically. PHEW! Where to begin?

Cheers guys! Charles.


• Lost Pyramid Capstones were taken to Istanbul and used to ornament the Hippodrome?

• Göbekli Tepe 'Bird with Ball' is the Phoenix. This carries a ball around. This is proven by comparison of Phoenix legend with that recorded in Egypt by Herodotus. The 'Bags' of the Temple above must be the roof of the Temple of Heliopolis, which according to legend is where the egg was deposited.


• Giant buried in Campbell's shaft behind Sphinx, possibly 'Osiris' in about 25k BC? Sphinx is guarding it.

• Great Pyramid seems to be an interferometer from 100k years ago. Built with about 19th-century level equivalent 'Steampunk' technology. The pyramid was also built as a time capsule of the measure of the northern hemisphere as proved by mathematician Steccini. This is also recorded by ancient peopels, whose works were read by Isaac Newton, etc. I proved that Newton thought it was built by a civilization superior to his own. He sought the diameter of the Earth in the dimensions of the Great Pyramid in notes in a now lost book which I have been unable to locate. His copy of Pyramidographia is in private hands.
But yeah, thats' not built by Khufu, sorry. In fact I think Khufu only placed casing stones on the pyramid. The only mortar found is from the Khufu era and it's only where the casing stones were.
So, the Great Pyramid belongs to what I call the Lost Supercivilization! I would speculate that Khufu or pre-Khufu kings turned into a tomb and it's been recycled over and over as a tomb. I think it was seen by ancients as built by ancient giants. The causeways however, are Stone-Age becuase they point to festival alignments.

• SOLVED RIDDLE OF THE SPHINX! Giza are not tombs but a unified festival complex, a surrogate world tree at the 'center of the Earth'. The Menkaura Pyramid points to the Equinox while the other two point to Youth and Old Age, before and after the yearly ressurection with a year taken as a lifetime of the Green Man. (Khnumm basically). Archaeologists look down but ancient peoples looked up!

• I stated that the Shamir of Solomon, which legend holds was used to cut stone for the 1st Temple of Solomon and was favoured by Solomon because it was a non-weapon way of doing so, was a kind of focused laser, powered by nuclear reactor, such as that found in the Ark, in order to make it portable. In this way I hypothesised that it could have been a type of X-Ray laser, Reagan style.

• Thus the Medusa, is in fact the Greek version of the Shamir, and they too had this stone-cutting technology. They called one-eyed giants the Cyclops, but the one eye is more likely the laser. The laser needs to be covered when not in use so the Cyclops is blinded, but also a furious monster!

•Gothic architecture would have originated with Atlantis. It would have been re-done and ressurrected in later times. I believe that in what my ex professor calls the 'Twelvth Century Renaissance', kingdoms of the time sought to recreate more ancient gothic style art! The Lighthouse of Alexandria was essentially a 'Empire-State', gothic style building. It was a type of pyramid. I believe that hiding inside the Egyptian pyramids are gothic Mayan Pyramids, which is basically what the lighthouse of Alexandria was! Eric Von Daaniken noticed that the so-called stress-releiving stones above the king's chamber of the Great Pyramid look like a Chinese Pagoda! He is CORRECT! They incorporated the design to preserve earlier ideas! China has always been extremely conservative so they preserve ideas from the stone age in their current civilization!


• Found Tiwanaku faces on German Church
• Found location of Valhalla as High Victory Hill. I've also noticed it's an Asian Kofun from the top!


• I can only take half credit for this one. I read in an old numismatics book that the tower of London is depicted on a Roman coin about London! This means it can't be Norman. In fact Norman looks VERY Roman. I think it's rebuilt from ruins in the Roman style. Historians are confused and not allowed to talk. Historians don't use carbon dating anyway.

[Atlantis Found?]

Atlantis Solved? (PDF) 10 pages (2019)

In this article I discuss reasons for suspecting Atlantis is Old Sarum.

• Again, half credit for this one, because a fan suggested that at Old Sarum, we see something that looks like Atlantis. I put two an two together, realised that six miles away is a wall-like structure surrounding Old Sarum which relates to the wall six miles away from Atlantis. We have Amesbury from nearly 9000 BC there also. There was a spring popping out of Old Sarum. Ditches carved around a hill. Rich in Tin. Mammoths. The Way to the Opposite continent via other islands, and in the Atlantic. It's bloody Atlantis!

• The Atlantis mentioned above includes Stonehenge. It is built on an ancient Cyclotron, because stone age peopels are not going to measure out a certain number of miles to place a circle wall! The ruins must have been seen as sophisticated and re-used ten thousand years ago as a capital city!

• Stonehenge: Many discoveries! Stonehenge is literally snake sex. The so called Sarsen Circle is a bunch of garbage. It's the female jaw. The Male jaw is the Trilithon horseshoe inside the female jaw. I have also realised that the bluestones are the teeth of the snake. We are talking snake religion as worked out by Michael Dames, author of the Avebury Cycle. He found this true for Avebury, I simply applied it at Stonehenge, EASY! Snake as most primitive animal mates in this way according to medieval conceptions to create a new universe!

• Stone circles, per se, do not actually exist. They are not circles but eclipses. The proof is if you look at the Avebury ring it is actually an eclipse. Dames mentioned it is not complete. It is a diamond ring effect literally. As pointed out by a viewer, this means the snakes replicate Rahu and Ketu! Just fascinating! So snake sex is also an eclipse. The funny thing is that Columbus assumed the natives were terrified of 'his eclipse' because he thought they thought the Sun was missing. They KNEW this created a new universe, which meant they had to die, presumably. This is the religion of Eden, before everything else in the Bible which follows was written! It's a pre-Flood religion!

• ... and while we are on the topic of the Snake Religion, I had always assumed that lined-up barrows near Stonehenge were ancient streets. WRONG! They are serpents! I noticed these are serpents kissings just like the Serpent Mound, Ohio! Incredible! Snake religion very strong at Stonehenge!

• The Stones of Stonehenge were ALWAYS there! I can prove this easily. You don't drag stones like that for miles and miles and fail to dress them. The level of astronomical sophistication is absolutely incredibly while the stones themselves were never properly finished. This means the people who set up the astronomy were not the masons, which means the stones were always there. A fan called this idea of recycled Stones 'the Kos Law' because I apply it literally everywhere. Ancient sites will always be reused. I think these were a bastion fort of Atlantis, see my PDF article, as well as part of a cyclotron before this. So, why were


• I've made several vids on this phenomenon. In my best one, I've SOLVED THE MYSTERY. I've used a chart from Jacques Vallee, famed investigator. Imagine that you see a spike of UFO activity, what we call two shoulders at 9am and 3am, and then a head at midnight. Vallee used that to come to the conclusion it's an Earth phenomenon. However, I plotted it around the curve of the Earth. Once you do that you see it's a comet trail split in three! I think it's the magnetic comet trail of the internal sun (Inside the Earth) which has become split due to double-slit like interference from the real Sun. People are not even aware of the Sun inside the Earth, so they cannot solve the phenomenon. It then magnetizes mountains and lakes which become 'haunted' on the side of the Earth away from the Sun. Then this magnetism seems to tap intelligence out of the surroundings, causing hauntings and the UFO phenomenon. UFOs and Plasma orbs of ghosts seem to be magnetism from the tail escaping into space. Sometimes UFOs reverse direction, I think because a Sun has spicules of opposing force, so due to internal rotation, sometimes part of the comet tail pops back. And that my friend is UFOs in a nutshell!

• Explaining the GREYS. I actually partly got this theory from a friend. It received widespread ridicule on my youtube because UFO theoriets tend to be stuck in their ways! I stated that there is a high technology civilization close to us, Time-wise, but they are not quite us. They seem to be a different type of human. They are highly neotenized with a foetus. In the book 'Big Brain' you can read that neoteny, or the retention of youthful characteristics, is in fact a sign of very high intellect. It's seen in every animal we consider highly intelligent. Crows, Dolphins, Whales, Elephants, Horses, etc! I think they are running a high speed network around the Earth in their own time which is messing with time and broadcasting patterns of themselves into the future. This information is being picked up by the comet tail as it passes out of the Earth and broadcast into our minds, as our minds are a telepathic computer for receiving information. (Explains synchronicity of thoughts with objects). Plasma, it would seem, has the ability to transmit information around the universe. The 'aliens' are not the orbs, but information being transmitted by the plasma as it arcs into space, away from the central sun! The Orb-blob like tail of the comet from the central sun is merely working with information to generate what we take to be the UFO phenomenon.

Geopolymer related:

• Geopolymer was invented by the amazing professor Davidovits. I don't belive he ever mentioned me or my promotion of his idea (I mean I must be a kook because I only have a Youtube channel and a Phd right?) but after I made my vids saying that Inca stones must be geopolymer, and Puma Punku which I pointed out must be geopolymer because you are not dragging 30 tonnes up a mountain from another quarry, he raced off to the New World to confirm this. However he said in a talk he doesn't think a 'supercivilization', my favourite word, was responsible. NICE! He's a genius! =) I was inspired to this by youtuber 'Wise Up' stating it's all concrete, and at the time Wise up Didn't know about geopolymer. Now wise up is claiming he came up with the idea the geopolymer set in what he calls 'sandbags'. I came up with the bags idea first and he kind of nicked it. Kinda sad! ... I have watched most of his vids and he was one of my favourite youtubers! Smart fella other than that!

• Discovery of Stone Production via a Render-Like Mix sloped onto other stones to create a nice effect. I have made numerous videos about stones which I feel can be shown to be produced with geopolymer. Including the discovery of SMOKING GUNS where we see the render-like mix has been destroyed.

Pole Shift... or Shrinking Earth?!

Charles Hapgood had amazing ideas about a pole shift. A pole shift of sorts does seem to have occured. North America and Engalnd appear to have been under the ice while Siberia was tropical. I've got another mechanism for this.

• So... I came up with a theory called SHRINKING EARTH! According to this theory, Earth can shrink as well as expand! Expanding Earth is probably true, as explaining continental drift. (I Could also explain the continents as the cracks which appear in clay during a heat wave! Hence i'd also like to introduce the new theory: DRYING EARTH THEORY, but i prefer what I call SHRINKING EARTH THEORY. This explains the uplift of Tiwanaku, a port city on top of a mountain! All the land near mountains suddenly crashed against them and were uplifted! If you shrink the Earth you have to also reduce the volume available for water so what happens...? GREAT FLOOD HAPPENS! According to ancients they year used to be 360 days in every calendar. Now it's 365. The Earth isn't spinning faster, but a smaller earth spinning at the same rate will have more days! IT makes sense! Now this would also destabilise the axial position, if we had a sudden compression due to a change in the internal Sun. This would cause a spin which would be re-stabilised by an unknown electrical universe phenomenon, I think an interaction between the Internal Sun and Actual Sun. But once this happens the pole is ... voila... in a different place!

Evolution... SOLVED! By Dr Charles!

Professor Richard Dawkins' simplistic and flawed pursuit of reason in an unreasonable universe is proof that alchemists still live among us. He spits and pushes his simplistic garbage everywhere! All over the internet! It's proof that you can be low down on the Bloom scale of undertanding (tying together general concepts to form new theories), yet become a professor if your ego is large enough. But he astounds me with his Selfish Gene idea. Dawkins is all over the place. He trashed an amazing book, Neck of the Giraffe, saying it was silly, even though it actually supports evolution but just says there are problems which need to be addressed! Does Dawkins think there are no problems because... 'reason'? Although we never learn what that is other than not being able to tie concepts together.

His fans are just as dumb and thick, but only because finally here is somone calling their simpletonism... 'reason!' They are now 'somebody'. They are a 'contender, a player.' Ostracised from humanity, suddenly they 'possess reason!'. It's like an honorary doctorate. It's like a cult! Suddenly they are empowered. He empowers blockheads with too much time on their hands, so they write comments all over the internet! GREAT! what an acheivement! You don't like a theory but don't know why? You no longer need a reason! 'Reason' is the reason! Just trash it and throw a few snide remarks and expressions around! See how easy that is? Now everyone can be reasonable, but you have to listen to Dawkins! He's democratized being Einstein, but only if you agree with him! You don't get to invent anything, it's purely a feeling of superiority that he sells!

It's like Christianity which spread by democratising the Afterlife in paradise. But at least he doesn't seem to have this monolithic view of Charles Darwin was a kind of infallable Godlike figure, like Jay Gould. Jay Gould says no no it's species-driven not gene driven, bascically: 'because I say so'. I read both Dawkins and Gould, but honestly get a grip!

• BUT ANYWAY! Selfish Gene holds that genes are being naturally selected for and driving evolution, not species. 100% correct. I went a step further in a video and introduced the very real concept of panspermia, devloped and I think proven by the incredible Fred Hoyle. This is the idea that life is everywhere in the universe. Once you have this and combine it with evolution, you can simply see that evolution is a way of this DNA conquering a planet and rapidly increasing the biomass of the planet to build increasingly large creatures to maintain its foothold on that planet.

• Evolution is simply DNA trying everything it can to survive. You can see this happened after every mass extinction, a sudden RUSH for life, with incredible 'new species' appearing suddenly. We call this punctuated equilibrium.


(Quipu SOLVED?!)

• This one is a big deal! I reason that the Irish Ogham is not just a stone language. Rather Stone is the only way it survives. It is actually a STRING language. I noticed that the way Ogham is laid out perfectly relates to Quipu. It's a match! Another language decyphered by Dr Charles! Just incredible!


• Quite a few insights regarding the Templars indeed! Especially my theory that the TERASCAN EMPIRE, which adjoined the Aztek Empire, was a TEMPLAR, SCOTTISH STATE! Being a Medieval Historian I am aware that vast swathes of history have been left out of the record. Heck have you heard of the English revolution of 1258? Me neither until I helped rediscover it in relation to Robin Hood! Crazy mate! You see what I mean? This is the era when Sherrifs were 'Enemies of the People.' Anyway, I found pictures of these Terascans with tartans and even Scottish highland caps, living in this empire adjoining the Aztek state, BEFORE the Spanish arrived. Heck the Spanish drew them as white Europeans! The Spanish even made a peace treaty for ten years with these chaps, presumably because they saw them as equals! How do we explain this!? How do we explain the Templar flags on Columbus' ship?! These are flags of England and Genoa! St Georges' Cross? Newsflash! He never had one! Heraldry does NOT go back to the Roman periods! It's the Templar flag, appropriated by Richard Lionheart as his flag. He himself must have been a secret Templar. Columbus had secret deals with Genoa despite working for Isabella. He KNEW about this empire in the new world, and I belive was tasked to locate it! As a Medieval Historian, with PhD, I endorse all of the above!

MANY MANY MORE TO COME! I will add them when I can!

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