Ancient Wisdom to Unlock Success

A New Method of Profound Personal Development

Hello Everybody! Firstly, bringing you stories on Ancient Mysteries, whether it be in book, youtube, or tour form, IS my career and number one passion! I never want to do anything else!

And having studied ancient mysteries, it's become inescapably apparent that the ancients were, to be honest, smarter than most of us are today.

In their wisdom, they left us some incredibly ancient documents, such as the Hermetic material. This describes actual reality in a way that we cannot today fathom, except through the latest physics discoveries and realisations in quantum mechanics.

These documents talk about sudden shifts in perception to achieve new states of mind, without the need for the gradual long 'build up' to become 'worthy' or 'happy' that most religions, including the New Age require!

Let me tell you now that all that 'slow improvement' is all a bunch of horse dung, and I mean that utterly! Yes, we are all improving slowly, incrementally, as we age, but surely the goal of any course should be a rapid, quantum leap in performance? So how much is it worth to you, to 'quantum leap', in all areas of your life?

Well all this was taught by the ancient Egyptians. How to get this information out there in a cohesive package? I have packaged it up into an online course, 'Wisdom of the Ages', which can take you to the next level, in terms of confidence, how to easily speak in public, to manifestation of success in your life! This information is basically priceless, and best of all, it is based on ancient Egyptian knowledge!

If you are ready to take that step now, please click the button below. =) CLICK NOW. Price $37 for 100 minutes of Wisdom of the Ages. Value = priceless! Otherwise, keep reading. =) (PS! This is a manual system! There will be no automatic reply except from paypal. Please await my personal email after your purchase and I will send a link!)

What I read in the Corpus Hermeticum, would stay with me forever!

Have you heard of Hermes Trismegistus? He seems to have been an early Egyptian king, one of the first kings. He was similar to Confucious and left a series of writings. He possibly lived about fifty thousand years ago, in the time of the giants. Perhaps he was a giant, as he is remembered as a god, the trinity god!

Regardless of who he was, or when he actually lived, he seems to have been a man of profound wisdom. Hermes taught 'instantaneous development.' It's this instantaneous development that I'm offering to you in my 100 minute course.

A recurring theme, throughout Hermes' work is, wherever you want to be...:

"You are already there!"

That's right! You are already there! To paraphrase, there were passages such as "You are infinitely powerful. Take your mind anywhere in the universe, and it is there." After over a decade of thinking about what this could possibly mean, it hit me. The subconscious is an information repository containing everything there ever was, or everything there will ever be, or at least it seems that way, or that mind has access, somehow to this information.

I decided that modern self-help books claim a pedigree going back to Ancient Egypt, or purport to, without discussing how or why! I tell you why! You deserve to know the power that built the pyramids, the awesome power within ourselves. You deserve to have it at your command, when and where you want. I have developed unique mind techniques to accomplish this. I decided I simply had to make a course to get this information out there.

So it is all about 'unlocking' what is already latent, what is already present, what is already there, I mean how good is that? If you can unlock what is already there, you can suddenly become way more confident, way more lucky and way more successful! You're already there... but not expressing it! How do you express it?? I ask again, how much is that worth to you? If you are now 'yes, i'm interested', then please click the buy button below! I will then personally send you an email with access to the 100-minute course! Otherwise keep on reading!

You've talked me into it Charles, I'm ordering by clicking the above!

Want proof? Okay! Read on!

This can work in any aspect of your life. My toastmasters club ran a 'speechcraft' course for four consecutive weeks and I was selected to be 'MC.' In four weeks, I can safely say that we took our paying corporate all-star customers, a room of over twenty, to a very high level. Although they still have me sweaty handshakes at the end of the course and had some trace of nerves, their speaking ability had become 'godlike.' I tell you the technique!

We totally unlocked and facilitated their inherent natural genius! I am not exaggerating when I say we took them from shy and nervous, yet productive business people, to confident and profound speakers, in only four weeks! It blew me away and opened my eyes to the possibilities of rapid development simply by unlocking paradigms. They, and I, will never forget that series of workshops.

How did we do it? We placed them in a new energy. We GAVE them new energy. We opened up what they already had. And what's the worst and best thing about it....? They didn't even know they had it in themselves... I can safely say, their lives have been changed.

The other day I was at the driving range. I am learning a new swing which helps you hit the range of Tiger Woods. But that's not what I did to start immediately hitting 10-20% further, and with dead-on accuracy. I had no idea 'how' I did this. I left it to the subconscious to perform an automatic swing. But first I had to program that subconscious.

They say Tiger Woods can hit as far as he does because he picked up the clubs at the age of three. So what hope do we have? I will tell you... all the hope in the world! A golf swing is not that hard, IF you let the brain free reign to develop it. We 'think' we can't so we keep swinging the wrong way, thinking it's all in the muscles. I ask you... is Tiger a muscular dude?

We keep playing life in the wrong way as well, because we think we need to keep refining the direction we are in. Heck, if we follow a map and refine it with shortcuts we get there faster but have we even reached the right destination? And what if we took a plane instead because someone told us we could?

What I did at that driving range was that I placed myself in the energy of a great golfer. I immediately began making better shots. It was instant... an immediate improvement. You see you can apply the teachings of the 100-minute course to ANY aspect of your life. Even golf! It is not just about making you more confident and lucky! How did I do this? I will tell you how!

I use 'energy transcendence' and 'intuition' in every sport I play. I have used it to beat pool players who were better than me, golfers and tennis players who are better than me! It's just incredible! We have all hit impossible shots yet do not know why. Think i'm exaggerating? I am not! I am merely letting you know the potential of how good this is. I even accomplished a PhD thanks to this technique, when I had a whole team of professors trying to stop me! And the truth is I am not even that smart! I tell you the technique in the course! This just gets better and better! And you get to watch the videos over and over and over until it all 'clicks!' Once it does, you're a different man or woman. And until then, you might be bringing the wrong energy to the table!

The Ancient Egyptians, or Pre-Egyptians, knew this! They knew all this! Why else would they have been ambitious enough to build the pyramids and labyrinth!?

I knew this was inherently true, because I would wake up sometimes, having dreamed that I was fluent in German or Chinese, and wondering how this was possible. This isn't wishful thinking.

Some people actually wake up after accidents actually being fluent in other languages they have never studied! Look it up right now on google if you don't believe me! It's all there in the mind, or universe! You see, it's already there! Any talent you want... is already there! I will tell you how!

It all got me thinking. The world is sure a lot more magical than we take it for. We are all actually interacting energy. And if we are energy... we can quickly transform into another energetic state, perhaps a higher energy, luckier person, is it possible? Why sure it is! I've witnessed such transformations before my eyes, and i'm sure maybe you have too and you are wondering 'where did that come from?'

And would not such changes, be life-changing, in a brilliant way, if we could flick the switch to make them permanent?

Switch it on!

We can switch this subconscious energy on! We do it by changing our own energy levels. When we do this, we feel a new rush. The thing is that we are actually pure energy! This means we can actually 'shape-shift' into a new person that our friends will not even recognise. People will start to say 'what happened to you, what did you do, who did you see?' once you become this new person!

That's right! Shapeshifting is real!

The Ancient Egyptians actually split our minds into different subtypes such as 'Ka' 'Ba', which are today hard to define. But you know what, they were right! We can become different energies and switch on different aspects of our real selves!

Wisdom of the Ages is a meticulous distillation of 20 years spent reading hundreds not only modern, but ancient self-help books. I tell you EXACTLY what you need to know and nothing else. I mean how good is that?!


Well guys, what do you think of that? Are you ready? Are you ready to become a new you? Are you ready to take on the mantle of a profound change in your life? Are you ready for WISDOM OF THE AGES?

Here is the thing. How about if I just totally take the risk out of this. Try the course. Watch the videos. Watch them again, if you feel you have learned nothing and have not improved and want a refund, simply contact me. I believe in the course so much that I will just give it to you, no questions asked!

It just does not get any better than that!

Thank you!

The Holy Trinity of Leading a Lucky Life!

Do you find it fascinating how some people are always lucky, yet others are not? I'm sure that you have, so I've made a few videos about it, and also a website. I discovered in researching all this that CONFIDENCE, LUCK, and INTUITION are a 'Holy Trinity' of powers you need to be lucky, to make luck into your ultimate habit!

In some of my videos I say that the trinity is a holy concept which goes back tens of thousands of years. Look at Giza. It's 3x3 pyramids. The Egyptians knew there was power in the three! Did you know that 'ALL THREE' of the above concepts of Confidence, Luck, and Intuition, go hand in hand. If you have one the other two follow. If you develop one, the power you have over the other two increases, and they do so synergistically, building themselves up!

This is a trinity of personal power that anyone can develop. I hope you check out some of these videos and see for yourself!

You may be aware that whenever you have ignored your intuition, you suffered failure. Whenever you followed it, you enjoyed remarkable success... But do you know there are different types of intuition, some of which can even lead us astray from what we really want?

1) Tune your mind to what you want
2) Follow your intuition. It is that simple.

TheLucky channel on Youtube!

Dreams are actively trying to Intuit the future! Wow!

These are three types of intuition. It might be valuable to distinguish between them!

Further Credentials in the Self Help Field

Since I am very interested in the self-help field, I have written several books in this area, to help people out!

Success is Easier Than You Think!

Being successful is much easier than thinking about it! Learn the top tips from Dr Charles on how to transform yourself and your life, gleaned from historical figures! Learn how to Organize your life, and then your Career! This is the best self-help book ever!

Public Speaking is Easier Than You Think!

Seminar Business

This is what I do while I am not working on ancient-mysteries and other projects, my main occupation! The Ancient Mysteries is really just a side gig, something I am just compelled to do because I am good at it and wish to share information and knowledge! And to learn more!

Teaching Corporates:
Sensible Education

More Teaching Corporates: Partnership with an Awesome Public Speaker to Teach corporates public speaking

Teaching Individuals: This current page, and this link! 'Luck is a Habit!' More Hermetic Wisdom

Bringing it together!

Some ancient-mysteries authors conduct tours, or other related things, but I am more interested in conducting seminars, as well as workshops on an Ancient Egyptian Technique of life discovery and intuition.

Must of this is first read about in the Corpus Hermeticum, which dates from an unknown era. To find out about this program, which has already conducted seminars in the past, and potential future dates,

I have coached people who have said 'I need to get it together, work on my confidence, work on getting to where I wanna be.' I am saying 'no no no no no. You are already there, but let me show you how to get there fast. Working on a problem actually magnifies that problem and you end up sitting a hole and then jumping inside, for years or decades!'

We can all make incremental improvements (this is how we learn), but what is really profound is that when we learn we actually jump to a new level! The increment can be huge! The only way this is possible is if part or much of it was 'already there!'

We are actually already where we want to be! Mentally, we just need a switch to activate it!

What we want to do is actually replace that problem with a new dynamic, a whole new energy!

What we want to do is make this new energetic permanent.

What we want to do is to change our lives, forever!

Let's go to that place now... this site can help!