Massive Goddess Cult of Malta and Valetta

This is the research of my friend Tina Silver, with some of my own elaborations and observations also. It is just truly facinating. Malta is known for its ancient goddess cult.

If we examine the capital, at Valletta, we see something truly remarkable!

If we even look at the skirt typical of the goddess, there is a clear similarity...


Notice the image of the woman?


How did the British get away with it?

This raises an incredible amout of questions. How old is the capital city? Does it in fact date to the Mesolithic, when the goddess was worshipped? If so how was the overhead view rationalised? Was there some form of flight? How did the British get away with making a fortress curtain wall to seal off the peninsula, in the same shape as the skirt of the lady? This appears to make no sense whatsoever!

This information courtesy of my friend Tina Silver! What a discovery!