Evolution is Conquest of a Planet by DNA

Hi everyone. I want you guys to know what is really happening with Evolution. It's not what they say. Their theory is wrong because they cannot explain the WHY!

In the Prequel we explained that humans might be billions of years old, for this very reason. Humans are already in the DNA code!

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Hi everyone. I think Scientists are at present thinking WAY too narrowly to understand evolution. The beneficiary is no species as wildlife documentaries and evolutionary biologists claim. That’s poor detective work because 'they' haven’t found the behind the scenes motive or perpetrator. Failing to apply their own natural selection laws to DNA itself. The perpetrator and motive are is DNA and the spread of DNA, across many planets.

The evolutionary process is not 'slow random mutations' creating species. It's a reaction happening on every planet in the galaxy at different rates, some so slow they never go anywhere and little to no sign of life is seen. Yet DNA or nucleic acids and even sugars are seen in nebulae spectra.

We will explain everything including WHY evolution is happening… for the first time in history! And it’s no accident. It’s a mechanism of galactic conquest by DNA.

DNA probably uses evolution across the galaxy, to kill off other genetic codes. And evolution is a chemical reaction. I’m a chemist I tend to think chemically. DNA is a chemical using other chemicals. Evolutionists don’t understand chemistry and they don’t know that a chemical reaction is always governed by availability rates of substrate and reactant or enzyme. I think evolution happened slowly because the substrate built up slowly. I don’t think it took 3 billion years from the appearance of bacteria life for plants and animals to finally appear due to random mutations. It simply took 3 billion years for enough biological substrate, and supporting precursors, to build up on Earth to support plants and animals.

In this case the reactant in the reaction, is biomass. What is biomass? Obviously we don’t eat rocks. The food we eat for instance is all biomass. Other biology. We need enough biomass on earth to sustain humans, or no humans. And that is the key to understanding so-called evolution.

This means evolution is not a random process. It’s a chemical reaction designed to increase the biomass on a planet so DNA can take control. I think that since it’s possibly just a reaction, evolution can happen very suddenly if the conditions are right. The problem is conditions can take billions of years to become right or even never happen at all. To build up enough reactant for complex life… to enable DNA to survive? Simple! DNA has survived because it has been able to build very complex creatures and a huge amount of biomass to survive within. This is why trees can be so huge. More DNA. DNA wants huge trees and huge animals to survive within. It can survive as bacteria, animal or plant tissue. DNA doesn’t particularly mind how it survives, only that it does.

In the previous video, (Humans are billions of years old) we said that creatures don’t evolve into other creatures. They pop up suddenly, out of the existing code. This is borne out by the geological record. New creatures emerge suddenly from nowhere. It’s called punctuated equilibrium. The implication is that all the creatures we see on Earth, including humans, have already been coded for, and are latent in the junk DNA. We discussed panspermia: the theory that DNA could be billions or trillions of years old and found on other planets.

I think it is plainly obvious what evolution is really about if you adopt a panspermia viewpoint, that DNA which is found in nebulae, and survives so easily in outer space, fell to earth. Evolution is the spread of this DNA weed, if we can call it that, by any means necessary across any planet.

I think that evolution could have happened extremely quickly on early earth but it was governed by the rate at which biomass was accumulating. For millions of years it wast just bacteria, very little, too little for more complex creatures to pop up. I think they could have because they were already there in the code.

In this video, let’s go one step further. This video is necessary, no-one seems to understand what evolution is. because not a single article you will ever read, on evolution, describes the motive or reason for evolution. It’s as if it has no reason at all if you consult the textbooks. If a detective studied current evolution theory, he would conclude it had never occurred as there is no apparent motive. But there is, and they are not saying what it is because the consequences of that idea… are too vast to comprehend.

For example, wikipedia provides zero motive for evolution. It says that “Evolution is change in the heritable characteristics of biological populations over successive generations... Different characteristics tend to exist within any given population as a result of mutation, genetic recombination and other sources of genetic variation.[3] Evolution occurs when evolutionary processes such as natural selection (including sexual selection) and genetic drift act on this variation, resulting in certain characteristics becoming more common or rare within a population.[4] It is this process of evolution that has given rise to biodiversity at every level of biological organisation, including the levels of species, individual organisms and molecules..."

That’s it? What about the WHY? That is never discussed. Evolutionists don’t seem to apply principals of natural selection to the DNA itself, explaining it as a mechanism for the perpetuation and spread of DNA across a newly conquered planet.

Biologists think evolution is a crime without a motive. But the motive is the conquest of earth by a genetic system. The implication is that the same creatures or similar creatures must have evolved time and again.

Let’s look at what happened. As we go forward in the geological record, we see what I would call an expansion. Anaerobic life seeded Earth, existing in volcanic vents. This I think provided the biomass for the next step of the conquest.

Kinetically this is a zero order and first order reaction and you need catalysts and enough substrate for it to proceed to the next logical level of take over, oops I mean evolution. That governs the rate of the takeover reaction. In other words you need bioavailable matter, that is biomass. Oxygen bacteria lived on the first anaerobic bacteria and terraformed earth, spreading the DNA weed, replacing whatever was here before, ruthlessly. I think the rate of evolution is governed by the amount of biomass. If we are talking a bacteria Earth, there are only tiny amounts of biomass. But once biomass hits high levels, 800 million years ago, a sudden allegedly simple genetic switch took place and organisms became multicellular, the next stage of the conquest. How multicellular organisms spread is by symbiosis. Another tool of the conquest. The multicellular spread is basically the bee and pollen to explain things. The same symbiosis replaced over and other. The symbiosis is PLANT and ANIMAL itself. Two creatures which cannot exist separately but together allows the spread of the other across the Earth, thus spreading DNA, the main beneficiary the weed. The PLANT and animal symbiosis must be a plan of DNA used everywhere, to ultimately grow across a planet.

We shroud this obvious expansion with the word evolution, which implies a replacement of previous creatures. But it isn’t. Evolution is a misleading term. Bacteria the first life are still here and stronger than ever. By creating higher creatures, DNA is able to spread across the planet, across air land and sea, diversifying the amount of creatures, creating huge biodiversity, such as in the amazon, is a survival tactic I think which is a response to some catastrophe, maybe the same one that wiped out the mayan civilisation. I think this biodiversity is sudden and weird and there must have been a very recent meteor strike there. This meteor strike possibly created the amazon.

Evolution is obviously the well practiced mechanism. It’s been so successful because it’s happened millions of times before, and may have displaced competing versions of genetic code.

In any article on evolution it is always assumed that we are the ultimate beneficiary, and this clouds the motivation, and the perpetrator: what is really going on! Yes we are here for a number of years. But DNA will literally live on forever, using our bodies as a container to continue to survive, spinning up new creatures endlessly in what resembles a gradual and quasi-intelligent takeover of the planet.

DNA terraforms planets. It began with anaerobic bacteria. Later oxygen producing bacteria took over and the poison gas known as oxygen killed off surface anaerobic bacteria exposed to it.

On wikipedia is an article on panspermia. It is filled with the results of experiments showing how easily bacteria can survive in outer space, how nucleic acids and sugars have been identified in spectra of other star systems.

If you search for biomass in the panspermia article on wikipedia, it is never mentioned that evolution is an obvious mechanism for increase biomass, to allow DNA more biological matter to plunder. Dead matter is colonised by fungus and everything goes back into the system for DNA to continue to exploit.

DNA and the creation of intelligence:

I think DNA made us intelligent harnessing the laws of an electrical universe to spread DNA further and further afield. Intelligent life spreads DNA further afield than anything else so intelligent life was created for this reason.

Now, there is also an electrical component to DNA. As it resembles a Birkeland current, that is a dipole current, self orbiting, miniature birkelands may directly interfere, or even have shaped the initial DNA code. Perhaps thought in the universe can shape DNA, as we know the universe is an information universe and physics has failed to explain the information component, so far. Whose thought? Possibly the scientific texts of a vanished super-civilisation became religious texts, preserved in monasteries for generations and uncovered later on by people who did not know what science was. The ancient cultures of the east give us the quantum mechanical information that thought creates things.

The amazing but forgotten thinker, Sir Alistair Hardy, Oxford University professor of zoology, originated the aquatic ape theory, that man seems to have sea mammal DNA rather than land animal DNA. He waited until his retirement in the 1960s, to unleash on the world his thoughts about what really drives evolution. Telepathy. He devoted a chapter in his evolution book The Living Stream, to the topic of telepathy in evolution, arguing that a creature’s form and environment strangely converge and coincide and that telepathy or some element of the paranormal seems to have a role in evolution. In other words an information universe drives evolution.

Let’s spin Hardy’s findings another way. It’s the age-old question of why a giraffe has a neck long enough for a certain tree. It’s as if the tree and giraffe evolved together. Well, maybe they were already together in the code and then the code allowed some lee-way, i.e.: Junk DNA! Panspermia theory would imply this. DNA uses symbionts as a means to spread.

There is a way of reconciling what the bible has to say about primitive creatures founding earth after ENERGY = LIGHT first appeared. I.E. First the sun appeared. THEN life appeared.

To summarise, we think Evolution is actually DNA’s planet conquest tool.