HighTech Origin

This is something which is absolutely facinating in so many different ways!

What is a pyramid in actuallity, and where does it come from?

I find that pyramids to have had both a high-tech usage, as well as a low-tech usage. The high-tech usage derives from traditions of pyramids as scientific, technological artefacts, but they are not old enough to actually be high-tech devices. Rather they simply derive from this tradition and represent ancient high-tech artefacts. I find this the most suitable and satisfying explanation for me, after years of trying to deduce what the deuce they are for! In this article we will examine what sort of high-tech devices these might have been!

Pyra-Mid = 'Fire Within'

In another article on this page, I discuss what a pyramid really is, see 'On the Bosnian Pyramids.' You can read about that one over there, however these, what shall be described are all pre-stone-age uses for pyramids.

Pyramids are incredibly huge and this in itself is a kind of 'signpost' that they are related to some lost super-civilization of collossal technology, even if the pyramids we have today are not really related to those times.

Pyramids appear to have MANY uses. Simply look at the Great Pyramid. It appears to be accomplishing several different tasks all at once. On the one hand it, by its location and centering, expounds the Axis Mundi religion of the Stone Age, or World Tree, or World Axis, as it is called. It also exemplifies the Trinity as I have argued, in In Search of the Origin of Pyramids, which is a ground-breaking idea. Furthermore, however, there is stuff about it which is a little too good to be true... such as those internal chambers and the precision of the shafts, in particular the descending shaft which leads to an apparently unfinished chamber underneath the pyramid. This, I find really weird!

In this respect I can identify two early super-high-tech uses for pyramids and a Stone-Age low-tech usage. In this way, we can trace the usage of pyramids back over 100,000 years, which I find remarkable!

1) 'Fire in the Hole!' 80,000 years ago - Pyramid (mound) as deriving from similar 'inertial containment' devices

By simple inertial mass, we can see that pyramids would be incredble good at containing things. They are also shaped like blast shelters to protect whatever is inside from explosions on the outside. In fact according to ancient lore, Khufu had a dream about stars spinning or falling down and this was interpreted that there would be an invasion of Egypt and Egypt would be destroyed. He therefore built the pyramid as a repository of all the world's science and knowledge. I find this facinating, considering it is an early allusion to the idea of 'pyramidology,' despite the fact this is all suppsosed to be quackery. They knew about pyramidology even in ancient times!

The pyramid's King's Chamber sarcophagus is about the size of the Biblical Ark of the Covenant. I have mentioned that this artefact, (in another video), is mixed up with the story of Noah's Ark, two of a kind, etc, which was really a DNA database which could have been contained in an indestructable robotic and autonomous box. It is written about Noah that he had a Tsohar which appears to have been a lamp brighter than the midday sun. This could have belonged to the 'other ark' instead. If the pyramids were designed to protect nuclear devices, this might well explain some odd things... such as the 'destruction' of the Abu Rawash pyramid. This has been quarried into oblivion, but how were the blocks liberated from the strucutre in the first place? This is never ever explained!

Were there internal detonations, inside the Khufu pyramid (Christopher Dunn mentions a crack), the Abu Rawash pyramid, as well as the collapsed Meidum pyramid, which triggered collapses?

One Pharaoh, built or improved many pyramids in his time, Sneferu. This proves in itself that the pyramids are hardly going to be simply tombs. Were they containment devices built to house ARKS? I am leaning towards this explanation, far fetched as it is, because it does make sense. The Exodus population withdrew one of them from a pyramid and took it with them as a weapon of war, to terrible and unpredictable effect, or the story derives from legends of far earlier use of another type of box similar to the arks. Perhaps the Ark of the Jews was in fact a replica based upon memories of earlier far more destructive device!

2) 80,000 years ago - 'Flying City' Vimanas actually were pyramid-like!

In the following I stated that the Padmanabha Swamay Temple appears to be some kind of laboratory, or emulates one. Alternately it's a stone-age representation of the 'center of the world', because that is where the world tree is supposed to be!

The Temple itself also looks a lot like an ancient vimana! Of course it is not. There were huge vimanas described, belonging to ancient gods, many stories tall. (even Indra flew around in an apparently technological Vimana). It also look a lot like a pyramid, and probably is one as well, deriving from a world-wide pyramid cult in the Stone-Age. I refer to this as the Babel religion.

The precision of some aspects of the Great pyramid, but not all, are tolerances you would only use in Space Craft. This really got me thinking! Of course the Great pyramid is not a space craft. It's simply a large hunk of stone made by people only recently out of the Stone Age. But what about the lost libraries that Egypt once possessed. How far did their ancient documents go? I believe that they had stories similar to the stories from Ancient India about high technology.

I do not believe that the Great Pyramid is an Ancient Machine, but I do believe it is an attempt at REPLICATING an ancient machine described in the Indian Texts, such as a vimana or flying city... in other words huge transport and colony ships which the Mahabharata describe as suddenly appearing. Descriptions of these would have also been in the Egyptian libraries of Heliopolis. Imagine what wonders were contained in the much later library of Alexandria. The wonders of the Heliopoiltan library would have been far grander! What a wonderful world it must have been!

3) 12,000 BC onwards... Mountain Religion, fertility

This is truly facinating... I exposed the proper meaning of pyramids in a Stone-Age sense in my book 'In Search of the Origin of Pyramids', and following that, some youtube documentaries... For a comprehensive look at this, please see the following links...

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I believe that ancient peoples saw the earlier scientific form of pyramids, inertial containment devices, etc, and decided that these represented mountains, fire gods, trapped deep inside. This ties in to, but is not the same as the legends of the sons of god, ie fallen devils, who fell to earth, their craft (vimanas) no longer functional after the collapse of the huge supercivilization. In this respect pyramids in the stone age, were tombs for the trinity, or for fallen angels, tombs for gods.