Temple of Min

This is the research of my friend Tina Silver, who does not have a webstite!

I find this absolutely facinating. Min is a prehistoric Egyptian god of fertility who has an erection. He is similar to Dagda, or the Cerne Giant in UK. In many respects, he is drawn as Osiris. Tina realised that the Temple of Man, as pointed out was a man (at Luxor), by Schwaller de Lubitz, is really a Temple of this fertility god, MIN!

Min is a deeply ancient fertility god. The Phallic cult religion was at one time, universal in Eurasia. I've speculated that it may have been the religion of Sodom, hence its infamous reputation.


Drawing the line out from the penis, it appears to be pointing towards some sunken possible archaeology on the coast... some pre-diluvian port?


Link to High-res image