Stonehengers did not carve the rocks they arranged

Stonehenge Builders did not carve the rocks!

.... they found them! It would seem that the blocks were already in position before they were set up in a particular pattern. The pattern contains the latitude of Stonehenge encoded in the astronomical information revealed by the circle. In other words it is the latitude that the monument commemorates. In fact Stonehenge appears to have been constructed out of Sarsen stones which were 'always' to be found at the site. Stonehenge itself resembles a horribly ruined building, rather than a stone circle. I was not prepared to see it looking so 'modern'. I wondered if it had been a concrete structure which had not been destroyed in the last war!

It would seem that Stonehenge was merely recycled out of an earlier building. This is because the quality is too random. It cannot be believed that it was all made by the same project managers. It appears it was simply built with what was found lying around. One of my youtube 'fans' has kindly and amusingly christened this the 'Kos theory' of Stonehenge. It was clearly built out of an advanced structure, built with real concrete, of a geopolymer sort. Over time it simply turns to what looks like stone.

... Of course, the implication of this is that the stones were found where they were... carved... where they were found!

We go into deeper detail here. This is what was possibly 'before' Stonehenge, and in the same area... yep, the whole area is a collection of ruins recycled, possibly from the Stone-Age land of Atlantis... Stonehenge would have been a fortress along the 'wall' of Atlantis. This is a 'Kos exclusive!' (Wooohoo!) There would have been an outer bastion-wall around Stonehenge

But... where did the Stones even come from before this? Where does this lead us? It would seem that 'Atlantis' is in fact built on top of a huge structure... a CERN-like device which must have belonged to the Supercivilization. During the Ice Age this may have simply been a miltiary territory for nuclear experimentation.

How about that!? "This is really extraordinary!" The principal I advocate is 'reductionist', towards, 'energy conservation.' Can the Stonehengers have been expected to have been master transporters, and master builders, and master astronomers, all in the Stone Age? Or did they have a helping hand, building on the foundation of a previous civilization? Remember, it is only the great catastrophe of 12,000 years ago which allowed the current breed of humans to inherit the Earth.