Purpose of Sphinx, guarding a Nephilim grave

This is a real scoop on a par with the "Alien Coffins" of Saqqara report which was in the news last year! It looks like we had much the same immediately behind the Sphinx. In fact, It looks like this could be the true purpose of the sphinx, namely, to guard "Campbell's tomb". But why WAS the Sphinx gaurding a tomb with 7 gigantic (NEFILIM?) coffins? (Now Missing!) Coverup? And why is this all hushed up? I had to dig to find this! Are these the former masters who wished to be guarded by a dog for Eternity? This information is not very 'out there' or accessible, but I thought it was very interesting.

The Sphinx once guarded the tomb of seven nephilim masters. By Nefilim, I mean biblical giants = Cro Magnons of the past, the former type of Homo Sapiens. These would refer to the God Kings who go back in Egyptian history for tens of thousands of years.

Several Giza archaeologists in the 20th century appear to have done a lot of digging but not much publishing, so it's hard to see what was really going on. One is an exception, Selim Hassan, who published his discoveries in great detail. Anyway, he was shocked by their size, but simply said that oxes were buried in them. (no bones!) The other alternative is that, of course, they were precursors of Babushka dolls, with one coffin inside another, so they had to be extremely huge. These however were much bigger than Tutankhamun, New Kingdom stuff! Anyway the Coffins that Selim say in the 30s and 40s are gone, except for maybe one, and of course the one which is held to the tomb of Osiris, ie Khufu's tomb.

For those who remember the discovery last year, or rediscovery of the "Alien Coffins" at Saqqara, about which I made a video, this was basically the same thing. There seems to be a VAULT behind the Sphinx. You descended and found a pair of weird 'buildings' which appear to have been some kind of light-viewing device, now lost. Then in a lower room down another shaft were seven enormous coffins, (mostly missing) then below that another shaft and lower vault resembling the description of the Tomb of "Cheops' in Herodotus. (Uncovered again in 1999 as 'Tomb of osiris')

Part of the reason this was all hushed up was to protect the pyramid is a tomb theory, no doubt, as this vault was also known as Cheops' Tomb.