Solid Geopolymer Evidence

This is really interesting stuff. Take a look at the two pictures below. Both are solid proofs, I believe, of geopolymer! One is in Pre-Inca Times. Another is in the actual Egyptian New Kingdom, possibly at a time they were trading with the New World. Did the New World inspire them to do this? This proves the Inca blocks were already moulded, (a subject for another video!) in Peru, long BEFORE archaeologists say they were!

Memnon Collossus

The Colossi at Memnon are clearly geopolymer related! The right-most colossi has allegedly been toppled in an earthquake. But if we look at the left colossus we can see what really occured! The torso simply crumbled away. We are looking at internal structural failure here! One of the commenters on my youtube video on this topic wrote that when he visited the site in 1982, they did not look like they were made out of solid stone!

Thanks to the work of Professor Joseph Davidovits, who has re-translated a relevant passage, actually written by the builder, we have the information that a mould was produced and it was a recipe similar to making bread, which was involved! In other words he is saying that 'dough' was used but we simply cannot translate Egyptian technical lingo!

Link to America

We have the evidence of the Cocaine Mummies, which also have tobacco infused in them, which they can only have received from America, as the most obvious choice. This shows that there were people travelling between the Inca world and the Egyptian worlds. Alchemy (stone making) was possibly developed in response to what was seen in America, which dates to deeply ancient times. Alternately the recipes were simply given to the Egyptians by the Americans. They shared their geopolymer technologies, and not just in the New Kingdom, but the Old Kingdom as well. This is why mastabas on the Giza plateau appear to be.. in some cases, very 'Inca'. I have made video, after video, after video, establishing links between the Old World and the New World.

The whole time period is interesting. The Greeks called them the Memnon Colossi, naming them after a hero from the time of the Trojan war, which is about the time period to which we refer here. This time, the time of Solomon, etc, is confused with an earlier time in which there was a huge trans-Atlantic Zinc trade, with which our ancestors would have made Orichalcum!

More geopolymer evidence...

Take a look at this photo from one of my videos...

Inca Cuzco

This picture is the smoking gun indicating the presence of a geopolymer which has undergone a kind of obvious structural failure due to the mixture being too dry! I said in one of my videos that this is the same as when you use too much sand and not enough cement! This is the smoking gun which shows exactly WHY one cannot fit a razor blade between the joints. It is all simply a created stone!

'Like Mixing Dough/Making Bread!'

Since the builder of the Memnon Colossi wrote down what it was he did, (while failing to provide any recipe, and also in words we can hardly translate very well, unfortunately) we must ask if EVERYTHING we see from ancient times is in fact a form of geopolymer... for instance...


While it is certainly true that geopolymers WOULD explain a good many anomalies, for instance why a hair cannot be inserted between joints, they cannot begin to explain them all. I feel that many stones, STILL appear to have impossible cuts. People on the ground in Peru say the stone was cut. I believe this ancient High Society in fact had both means of stone technology at their disposal. The geopolymer technology was left over from the days of the supercivilization of 120k-70k BC, which does seem like an awful long time ago, but I am sticking to this theory until a better one comes along. Meanwhile lesser geopolymers continued to be produced.

This all demonstates that the high supercivilization never really died out.