Ark of the Covenant, a genetic reset device

According to the Pandora's box story, Why is pandora's box, a box from which all manner of insect species ensued?! Why a box? Did this actually happen?

The Noah story of rescuing animals, is possibly mixed up with the story of a technological box which was possibly used to preserve all species with samples of their DNA, also known as an ark! The two stories became combined. For instance, who would tell a story of two of every kind of animal fitting on a boat?

We need a scenario to explain the two stories, of pandora's box, as well as Noah's Ark, as well as explaining the existence of the other Ark, and its bizarre electrical properties, out of which 'strange fire' ensued.

The Ark of the covenant may have been unearthed in some geopolymer cave or once held inside the Great Pyramid itself as as time capsule. It was carried around by the Israelites, fleeing their homes in the Nile Delta, as an artefact and lucky charm to assist in their future vicories, inside a tent they called the tabernackle. It is one of the many abundant proofs of a lost supercivilization.

The splendour of the technological artefact proved for them that god was real and had made a promise to their nation. It may have been made of an indestructable material. It is evident to any who attempt a study of the ark, that it is a kind of electrical device. The electrical properties, which seem to have struck down any who attempted to open it, may have been a kind of power generating nuclear supply, which would last for eons, if necessary, and built with a technology that we today cannot fathom. There may have been basic instrucitons on how to open the box, to replenish the world with all of its species.

There is a question of whether the Arks, or Pandora boxes, containing the DNA of all species, were built for lay or specialised users. Were thy simply a refrigerated device made for storing micro or nano-arrays of millions of samples of DNA, or were they built to be opened by anybody, thence automatically functioning, spreading spores out, across the local area, to create a forest ecosystem populated by insects. This was followed by the timed release, later, of animals, to 'factory reset' the world to the way it was, before the advent of the supercivilization.

It is apparent that even in our own era, civilization is accompanied by the destruction of nature. In less than one hundred years time, the fish of the world's oceans will have been long gone. The same problem was long-apparent to a civilization which existed long before our own. Their naturalists of eighty thusand years ago scoured the globe in search of the DNA of every species. It was then thought to be prudent, and benevolent therefore, to place the samples within indescructable boxes, to pop open, with explosive charges, timed to re-releease older species, once found on the planet, every fifty thousand years, or at any appropriate time period, thus restoring the world, to a former state, just in case.

As an act of benevolance to future generations, a 'pandora scheem', initiated as early as 100,000 years ago, or even earlier, was possibly enacted. In this way, any superweapons system would be accompanied by an automated clean-up period afterwards, consisting of regeneration of the earth's ecosystems, as per before their own era. They wished to hand a pristne world to future humans, erasing the memory of their own intelligent, yet self-destructive kind, forever.

Their scheem failed. The Amazon became an out of control monster, quickly consuming cities and towns, once built over desert-like sandy soil, with only small temperature rises. The Sahara either failed to regenerate or became a desert. Australia remained a waste land.

This scenario may explain why the world was filled with mammoths, and other wild creatures, quickly hunted down by huamns after the recovery of human populations, well after the last series of great catastrophes, which seem to have put an end to the Great World Civilization, between 60,000 and 12000 Years ago. They had simply been recreated, the older civilzaition once again overrun with nature, and humans decimated to a very low number of survivors, after devastating impacts in Carolina, and across the Northern Hemisphere.

The civilization before the catastrohpe barely knew the days of the technologhy of old, from before sixty thousand years ago. The civilization which followed the catastrophe, was even more in ignorance, only recalling the memory, in Egypt, that all the world was of one language. It was more primitive than the one which it had replaced, and today we refer to it, with some justification, as the stone age, an age lacking mercy or compassion.

An interesting fact, alluded to in a previous video, is that the sarcophagus in the khufu pyrmamid is about he same size as the dimensions of the ark of the covenant, as provided in the Bible. In addition, the pyramid itself was made to be almost indestructable, by its sheer size and precision, along with the the wieght of the immovable massive blocks, able to survive any flood, or even cometary or atomic devastation, and emerge without even a scratch.

It is perhaps resembles the fall-out architecture of lost supercivilizations. It is said that Khufu wished to build a pyramid able to survive any catastrophe, which would preserve the science of the anceints, whaterever that was. It is a legend handed down through the ages. Arks such as Tutankhamun's which are rather similar, but lack the electrical properties described in the Bible, may be replicas, Egyptian variants, designed to show royal authority in Egypt and divine sanction.

It was a case of, If they have one, why can't we have one too?

In Addedum to this video...

We must now wonder why Zika virus, happens to have appeared, in a similar location to the geopolymer seed vault. There is a lot of crazy genetics having gone on and ongoing in South America. Just look at it, the biodiversity and even the fact that American foods assisted in the population growth of the entire earth, by containing more energy per unit!

Are viruses being released by 'hidden arks' say every 10,000 years to reset earth to 'factory configuration' on an ongoing basis? Is this a legacy of our giant, hyper-intelligent ancestors?