Egyptian history goes back to the Nephilim and Giant periods

This is just facinating. Manetho is famous for establishing the thirty or thirty one dynasties which we today use to define ancient-Egyptian history. What is interesting is that Manetho's history goes well before this. This knowledge was instrumental for the production of this video,

Depending on whether we use Manetho's moon or solar years, we may date the Great Pyramid to the time of 'SOPHIS', which was Kuhfu's other name.

The Bible is also an ancient record which should in some ways parallel what is going on in Egyptian history. What I find bizarre, not to mention entertaining is the Biblical story of the giants, or gods arriving, and mating with human women to produce 'Nephilim.'

I find this story utterly synonymous with Manetho's history of Pre Egypt!

He describes Egyptian pre-history thus...

1) Period of God Kings

Hephaestus (Ptah)
Helios (son of Hephaestus)
Orus (son of Osiris and Isis)
Total: 13,900 years

2) Demigod Kings

Demigods for 1255 years
Demigods for 1817 years
30 Demigods of Memphis for 1790 years
Demigods of This (Thinis) for 350 years
Total: 5,212 years

3) Spirits of the Dead

Spirits of the dead for 5,813 years
Total: 5,813 years

4) Egyptian Dynasties

Manetho describes this as a time the Egyptian Tribes were in power.
Total for gods, demigods, and spirits of the dead: 24,925 years

This has a number of bizarre implications which nobody really discusses. It seems to be another way of describing what is summarised in the Bible as the Gods mating with humans to create Nephilim! This of course would be pre-flood or pre-catastrophe of 12,000 years ago!

Spanner in the works!

This absolutely throws a spanner in the works. I had a ridiculous Egyptology professor about twelve years ago who told me that there was nothing going on in Egypt in 12,000 BC and therefore we cannot date the Sphinx to this time.

The thing is that the Egyptians dated themselves to BEFORE this time! Archaeologists have been perfectly happy to go along with Manetho's thirty dynasties. For fear of ridicule, they are happy to ignore the earlier parts as they don't know what to make of it. We cannot actually blame them for this because whoever heard of gods being kings. Whoever heard also of the tremendous lifespans they seem to have had (except in the Bible, which is another clue...)