Imploding Earth 13,000 years ago

Imploding Earth Explains a great deal...

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It's a mechanism that works with both expanding earth and pole shift!

* The crust is wrapped around a Brown Dwarf which is a pulsating or eruptive variable star? This explains... EVERYTHING?

* If the Earth suddenly shrinks it creates huge uplift = Mountain Ranges, Tiwanaku.

* Earth cannot transfer spin momentum to another object so it keeps the spin of a much larger planet, hence we go to from 260 to 360 to 365 days. The old calendars are never MORE than 365 days suggesting size change in one direction.

* When Earth shrinks, earthquakes and then universal flood occurs as water has no-where to go but up on a smaller earth!

* It is well known that, actually, many variable stars just simply change in size, so we need to be asking WHAT is at the center of the earth? It's apparently hot because of fusion generated by everything squeezing together. Excuse me but that's the definition for a star. Explain Proxima Centauri at Magnitude 13, one of the most infra-red stars in the sky which is the same thing. Every planet must be formed around a cold dwarf or an active dwarf! It's not a cold stone ball!

* Some eruptive variables are more variable on one side of the star than the other. Some are 'radial'. It doesn't matter. ANY size change will adversely affect polar angle due to the shift in angular momentum occasioned by the difference in mass of different continents. I speculate that pole is re-stabilised by some kind of electric universe effect such as z-pinch, but this is a guess. The Crust is simply cometary debris (including water) on top of this brown dwarf.