Dating the Pyramid by Polar movement

Just yesterday, 21 June 2018, I released a video on my youtube channel 'Charles Kos' (now with over 29k subscirbers, thanks!), about dating the pyramid with polar movement.

I mean why not!? It would seem that the pyramid was deliberately placed 30 degrees north of the equator!

Giza is full of triplicity and this is inherent in the latitude of Giza. Three times 30 and you get 90 degrees, the north pole! In other words Giza is a third of the way up!

Now if we assume that no pole shifts have happened, in other words, apply convention geology, then it could be argued that the pyramid has therefore shifted ever so slightly from 30 degrees. It is now at 29.9792 degrees north of the equator!

One degree is 111 km. Therefore the rate of movement is 3.33 km (more threes... scary!) Assuming a current real north polar drift of the current 17cm per year, it's taken 19, 588 years to move to its current position! I mean how remarkable is that?!

30 degrees north of the equator, bisecting the polar height into thirds, could not have been done in Khufu's time. That alone, forgetting the drift from 30 degrees, proves that it was not designed in Khufu's time. Khufu merely really... really worked on it! The houses of the pyramid builders are actually houses of the pyramid RENOVATORS?!