Atlantis in the UK

Atlantis remains in part as the 'UK'

A very interesting fact is that ancient peoples were simply unaware that UK even existed? Don't believe me? Have a look at these ancient maps in the video below. Had they known of the existence of the UK, would they have called it Atlantis, in the time of Solon?

Cut Stone from Actual Atlantis

While I was in Ireland, I visited as many ancient monasteries as I could! I was actually seeking huge blocks from former stone circles, which had been incorporated into various foundaments. Unfortunately, a lot of this could be simply 19th-century or even 20th century restorations. It's really hard to tell the difference.

Atlantis is still continuing to Sink into the Sea!

If UK isn't a remnant of Atlantis, how can we explain the fact that UK is continuing to lose a huge amount of land, even within historical memory? This is really weird!

The Event which Ended Atlantis!

This would be the Storegga Event of about 5000 BC. What occured was a furious landslide of ice sheets off the coast of Norway. This created a tremendous Tidal Wave which would have decimated northern UK ports as well as the coast of Ireland. These landmasses were of course a little larger in that time.

I believe that survivors considered this the 'final straw' and they just could not take the pressure any longer. The shifted to the Mediterranean, conquering by force if Necessary. This included the conquest of Egypt! This is why we have a Silbury Hill in England (no burial) and also Pyramids in Egypt (no burial). It is really the same religion!

The Two BEST Atlantis Candidates!

There appear to be two major candidates for Atlantis. I have never been very 'happy' with the Minoan Atlantis. This is the one the Orthodoxy have latched onto. The argument is that since the Minaons were decimated in a Tidal Wave, since their story is not really recorded in the Greek Mythology, since it's close to Athens and Egypt, it must have been Atlantis. It's a good argument, but I am always nagged by the idea that it is deeply unsatisfying.

Firstly Atlantis actually needs to be in the Atlantic, like the legend says. Otherwise we are simply talking about something else. The idea is that perhaps the legend is a mixture of Minoan Tidal Wave and Sea People's attacks. This is on the right trail but again I am not satisfied and plenty of people share this opinion.

There are two FAR BETTER solutions. One is the Antilla Atlantis. The beauty of this Atlantis is that there were always islands on Medieval maps, outside the pillars, but actually placed in front of the pillars, as there was no way of depicting the 'second hemisphere', especially on medieval maps! Anything, any island of America, therefore would be place right in front of the pillars, matching ancient descriptions! Antilla is also on the way to Atlantis, if we are following the trade winds!

I do not like the Antilla Atlantis although it really does have a lot going for it as a related lost civilization. The problem is it is really a little too far away to decare war on the Mediterranean, unless we are talking about deeply depply ancient times, in which there was some supercivilization operating.

This is the major reason that I prefer the British Atlantis. This is also on the way to America (the opposite continent). It is also the way we 'get' to places like America, (which Solon calls the Opposite Continent), through the north route, which was really was one island following each other, like island hopping. The Atlantic route only becomes Island Hopping after quite a long journey.

Britain was rich in metal, like Atlantis, and could have exerted control of the Zinc trade, which is essential for the production of Oricalchum. I believe that Zinc was the key to the Lake Superior Mines. All brass (orichalcum) and copper, tin passed through UK, except for the copper mines of Cyprus. This was a monopoly-like stranglehold!