Ancient Astronauts were real

Ancient Astronauts

Strange as it may seem, i utterly believe in ancient astronauts. This is because I trust the testimony of the ancients. Their testimony is not biased. They merely tried their best to pass holy books down the generations. And when I say generations, I really do mean that. The ancient Nuclear War may have occured in about 80,000 BC. I believe that, scrambling for resources, even after the Toba Supervolcano eruption in 70,000 BC, a re-distribution of ownership of the world's lands occurred. People became 'scattered'. The world was no longer one language. High technologies of different eras went into open competition with furious results..

Are the Ancient Astronauts... aliens?

This has no simple answer. Allow me to explain. I believe that the current UFO phenomena are entirely earthly, almost earth spirits, in fact they are memories from the future, future humans, whose memory is preserved in the thought-field, by geomagnetics. This is why geomagnetics and fault lines are crucial to the UFO experience, as proven so long ago by Paul Devereux, in his many works, and to my own personal satisfaction.

Zecharia Sitchin, likewise believed that the current 'aliens' differ to the ancient ones. There are in fact many differences. Whilst the Book of Ezekiel, or even Revelation, appear to be abduction experiences, in the modern sense, this is not true of the Book of Enoch. Nor is it true of the Mahabharata. Those 'gods' as they are described have no difficulty communicating in a freindly manner with humans, even sharing technologies with them which do not seem out of our reach today. Modern 'aliens' are a very different matter.

So are they real? or were they?

They certainly were. Look to the Book of Enoch. It appears to have derived from a description or propaganda leaflet describing the first light-speed travel, perhaps 100,000 years ago.

The problem is one of too much evidence

I am entirely serious when I say there is in fact too much evidence for the existence of 'ancient aliens.' Carl Sagan famously said that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. The evidence in this case is nothing short of extraordinary... to those who have ears, and eyes. The problem is not a lack of evidence. To the contrary... it is a problem of too much evidence, far too much evidence. If you seriously study the Mahabharata and other Indian texts, it is readily apparent that there were 'ancient aliens', or at least 'ancient astronauts' who were human.

A possible scenario...

I am not entirely convinced of this final point, that all were 'human,' as we would in fact describe a human, however! The reason for this is because, the Danava 'race' ('demons') in particular appear to have come from space, hellbent on conquest over a civilziation apparently stuck in the Middle Ages. Alternately they are simply from another part of the Earth. When I say they are from 'space' I mean from suborbit, accustomed to living generations in low gravity, or are in fact from the moon or Mars. I say this with an entirely straight face.

Other 'ancient astronauts' described by the Mahabharata, such as the 'guardians' as they are called who were 'friendly astronauts' were very much human-like, and interacted in a decent way with 'humans.' This is all the premise of my new book which will be upcoming later this year, (2017), entitled, 'Confessions of the Gods.' Have a look out for it in December, on Amazon, and prepare to be shocked!

I believe that the Mahabharata war occured in the dying days, or after the hayday of the time in which 'all the world was one language.' This would have been the desperate days following the Toba eruption. I believe that following this time, the Mars or Moon colony was cut off, and the spacefaring 'Danavans' began to migrate back to earth, seeking new lands, about sixty thousand years ago. They encountered lands which had been decimated by nuclear explosions as well as the effects of the eruption and other warfare, in previous generations.

The 'Danavans' attempted to land on earth, or attack from another part of Earth, with 'flying cities'. The 'humans' had no response until intervention from the 'guardians' who trained them with new technologies, leading to the destruction of the main part of the Danava fleet. It can be envisaged that this was to preserve the interests of the 'guardians.' At least they seem to have presented themselves to the 'humans' as guardians. Their technologies were superior to the technologies of the Danavans, even more destructive. It would seem the Danavas, despite being portrayed as demons had more peaceful technologies, on this basis. 'Guardian' technologies were designed to defend earth. I beleive that all were in fact humans, of various sorts and levels of technologies. Being in space however, for generations, could have had various 'Lamarkian evolutionary' effects upon their appearance.

There is simply too much evidence suggesting the existence of ancient astronauts. Although I admit most of this is 'circumstantial', it is rather clear that the writers of the Mahabharata were describing high technology. There is simply no doubt about this. I hold that a non-technological, non-scientific society cannot write science fiction. Context must exist.