About the Grays

This needs to be talked about

Some folks might be afraid to discuss this subject but i'm sure not! Some of the greatest scientific minds have 'entangled' (scientific pun) themselves with this topic.

What causes the Grays to appear and disappear? I believe they are akin to 'ghosts.' I wrote an article for UFOlogist Magazine, which I think I really should attach to this page, which makes the greys and ghosts, both manifestations of electric universe theory. In the mean-time, I will just summarise! Just as forces in Electric Universe, or Plasma Cosmology, can be 'upscaled' from laboratory experiment, to solar system and galaxy, so it is that 'ghosts' can be upscaled to ET.

What I mean is that the concentration of ghost's features are in the head, or neural center, and this is the traditional depiction of the ghost. A ghostly experience can make the world see 'odd', but an ET experience can make it seem really odd. Abductees, like ghost victims, are both more often women than men. There must be something more 'female' about the universe or quantum mechanics such that the female mine (a quantum computer) can tap into this other world more easily.

The video I made got quite a hostile reception among my audience (partly because I unleashed a video about ghosts on an history audience for the first time), but I was surprised that some people are just kind of 'lame' we might say, in terms of lack of open-mindedness, and even curiosity! Lots of people, however, thank goodness, were enthralled by the idea!

The very appearance of ghosts in fact suggests something akin to a 'neotenised' human being. In other words, development in the womb and in infancy is extended, creating an organism which acts in a juvenile, yet hyperintelligent fashion. Is this the future of humans? The result is a huge head in proportion to body. Recently the Chinese have teleported photons into space and back. This is no tiny achievement, it has a 'quantum-entanglement' side effect! This side-effect can have enormous repercussions. It is kind of like messing with time and space! But how does this help us in understanding the phenomenon? Here is what I propose... a neotenized human from the not-too-far-away future! Before I go any further with this... let's look at ...

The Very best work...

The very best work, I believe was done by two UFO reserachers. I could name about five who have really performed in this field, but two really stand out. These are Jacques Vallee, who wrote a truly brilliant trilogy. (Confrontations is my favourite, followed by Dimensions.) as well as Paul Devereux, who wrote the brilliant 'Earth Lights'. I can also recommend Albert Budden's 'Electric UFOs.' I would like to summarise the two theories...

Vallee's Control System

I got the impression in Vallee's books that he got out of the UFO field because things were getting a little freaky, as he reveals in his works. Vallee says that a the UFO phenomenon constitutes a 'control system.' I suppose he has his own ideas over what this actually means, astronomical and physics experience, etc. He says, as do various ancient-mysteries authors, that our current notions of physics do not take 'the Physics of Information' into any consideration whatsoever. This is I suppose where IT comes in. My brother, who is an IT professional and educator, says that Infotech is in fact the most important science as it is the missing component of physics... the way everything is stacked and ordered. The universe does in fact seem to be a type of computational device. It is a computer as well as a computer program, running on itself!

Devereux's Geomagnetics?

'Earth Lights' is a very important book. Devereux basically correlates the phenomenon of the UFO with the fault line. He says, rightly, that the UFO is an Earth-based phenomena. He himself experienced this phenomenon as a schoolboy and was shocked by what looked like the scene from a movie. I am intrigued by his survey of the correlation of the UFO phenomena with the geomagnetic fault. He even says that ancient monuments are often built over faults, and this is why modern paranormal phenomena often occur at sacred sites!

Let us go even further than this!

That's right, let's take this to the next level, and introduce the concept of the Global Grid...

In are various books created by a man called Bruce Cathie. One is 'The Energy Grid'. He has written seven in total. As an airline pilot he noted that UFOs were regularly seen by airline pilots over the same areas. I believe these to be fault zones, but they may also be a grid of lines related to some future high-speed network, using a science we cannot begin to imagine, except for the fact that it relies on quantum entanglement, and is therefore messing with our own dimension!

Here is a video I made a while back describing this whole phenomenon!

"The fact is that THIS is the Red Pill on the Greys. They have absolutely stuffed the planet except it hasn't happened yet... or has it. The fact they are coming through so easily, millions and millions reporting abductions, shows that they are messing with various quantum entanglement technologies whose existence is only just becoming known. Greys are obviously a modified type of human. They are so similar to ghosts but higher energy. A ghost is less likely to be a grey because a ghost can be a past person but a grey is messing with the same ghostly dimension to come through. They have obliterated all life on earth, and live in the trillions. They only come through in terms of their neural network which is emerging from the time zone. They live close to us in time, uncomfortably close, which is why they come through so easily. PROOF that the greys are in fact geniuses is in their neotenised appearance. They have enormous heads indicative of a long gestation period, the mark of a high genius."