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Atlantis Solved? 10 pages (2019)
In this article I discuss reasons for suspecting Atlantis is Old Sarum.

Decyphering Quipu: The Transatlantic Solution? 10 pages (2019)
In this article I discuss the Solution to reading the Inca Quipu, as based on the Rosetta Stone of the Irish Ogham alphabet!

Gigantism: OR The Reduction of Gigantism, in Humans, Animals, and Real Extinction of the Dinosaurs 30,000 years ago? (2019)
In this article, is discussed the new theory about how Gigantism was reduced, through action of Carbon Monoxide which selectively poisons those larger animals unable to diffuse oxygen into the bloodstream! We estimate this is the real date for the extinction of the dinosaurs, about 30k years ago.

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AUG/20. "Did ‘Giant’, Prehistoric Discoverers of America actually construct the monumental ‘Inca’ Buildings? Did they map the World, and establish megalithic civilisation, many millennia ago? And… in Clovis times?"

"Dear Charles, I'm 100% in agreement with you on your well researched and written article, I have read it once and I will read it again. The jigsaw of ancient history is finally being pieced together. You've nailed it, or put us nearer the truth. I admire everyone in real pursuit of our pre history."
Thank You!

Journal: Antiquary Notes, would you like your work published online?

I am actually kind of sick and tired that journals, whose very purpose was once for amateurs working in isolation to distribute knowledge of new discoveries and ideas, has lapsed into something for paid professionals to continually submit obfusticated (a substitute for content, good reasoning, clarity and conviction and many other things) career-building pieces, often assisted through the process by containing political ideas. (Science itself has changed such that accurate and new sciences such as Electric Universe do not get a hearing. Cosmology, I describe as using mathematical accuracy to obfuscate the fact such mathematics are inappropriately applied. "Oh the maths is impressive guess it's true!") Journals have now therefore lost much of their original purpose. Of course we now have social media and youtube for the transmission of discoveries, but they are inadequate in terms of the fact they lack formality.

For instance, Notes and Queries was once a journal for amateurs to submit valuable information. Now it is owned by Oxford and runs literature reviews. If I wish to submit a discovery it is extremely difficult. In fact journals are no longer even enjoyable to read, and therefore how can learning occur?

Mabye Antiquary Notes will become a kind of online club in future. The idea is to publish four times a year, at the four equinoxes. However I am not sure how it will turn out due to limited time constraints! Articles will be published here:

The aim is to have me as chief editor with two assistant editors and a majority needed to 'pass' an article. :)

So, feel free to submit! Have you found a lost stone circle? Some ancient ruin? Submit it to Antiquary Notes!

Let us get this show on the road! We aim to publish a nice Pdf file of articles onto our facebook website.